Anastasia Lisova Spoke About Meeting Her Husband

Anastasia Lisova Spoke About Meeting Her Husband
Anastasia Lisova Spoke About Meeting Her Husband

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28-year-old TV star Anastasia Lisova is a role model for many. She became famous for her participation in the scandalous show "Dom-2", but she got married and gave birth to a daughter already outside the perimeter of the TV set. Now the famous beauty is happily married and brags about how her husband, Mikhail, loves her. The celebrity first presented the details of the acquaintance with the chosen one.

Ex-participant of "House-2" Anastasia Lisova is not one of those women who hide their personal life. She is happy to share information about her family with fans. Many of her posts are devoted to the relationship between loved ones and the upbringing of four-month-old daughter Miroslava. The public is interested in the story of her love with her husband and the celebrity decided to talk about meeting him. “Misha and I met on the second day, after I got braces and I got married in them, that is, he saw me for the first time without braces a year after we met. I remember that it was at this time, when we met, that I wanted to meet my love. Such real, stable love."

Lisova emphasizes that in order to meet “the one”, you need to get rid of stereotypes imposed by the public. She urges women not to be complex due to the fact that they did not get married at a certain age, and not to make a meeting with a suitable “male” for the sake of procreation, because men feel this and run away from such women. She substantiated such behavior of the stronger sex: “A woman should have lightness, freedom, her eyes should burn with happiness. Already now they should burn, and not - "I will meet my own, and he will make me happy." Absolutely not. Energy, love, freedom - three whales to which men are attracted like a magnet. Of course, appearance also matters, but only secondary."

Anastasia encourages you to live as you want, not to listen to anyone and look for inspiration in your hobbies. She stresses the importance of self-sufficiency. He also recommends writing the qualities that the desired man should have, noting that she herself did so. Many celebrity subscribers agree with her, they discuss her words and ask to tell more about her husband - how he makes a living in order to be able to give his wife expensive gifts, in particular a foreign car, which Lisova recently demonstrated. “On the contrary, I always believed that until 25 you need to walk, travel and have nothing to deny yourself! She got married at 25. The pans and pans did not run away from me. " “As I grew up, no one told me it was time to look for a husband, get married, and so on. Now I'm 29 and no personal life … It's better to let them talk."

"Happiness loves silence, stop shouting about your joy with your husband." "Nastya, tell us how you met and how it all started?" “Yes, and where does he work? It's very interesting, he gave you such a cool car, just a dream. " "You are great, tell others how to arrange your personal life!" Anastasia Lisova does not conceal that financial independence is not the last item on the list of requirements that she presented to potential suitors, emphasizing that she would never marry a plumber.

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