The Man Ran Away After The First Night - What Is The Woman's Mistake? Sexologist Tells

The Man Ran Away After The First Night - What Is The Woman's Mistake? Sexologist Tells
The Man Ran Away After The First Night - What Is The Woman's Mistake? Sexologist Tells

Video: The Man Ran Away After The First Night - What Is The Woman's Mistake? Sexologist Tells

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It seems to the lady in love that the relationship is close to ideal: romantic dates, passionate kisses … But it is worth spending the night with the “groom”, as he immediately disappears! Does not respond to messages, does not schedule the next meeting. It is he who can be blamed for the collapse of high feelings: “They are all the same! Received


his - and gave the fight. " But it's better to think about why the gentleman ran away after the first intimacy, like the devil from incense?

Sexologist Vitaly AZUROV talks about the most common mistakes women make in such situations.

There is nothing worse in intimacy than its predictability. As you know, routine can kill any, even the most ardent passion.

Expert commentary: “Women treat the upcoming act of love much more thoroughly than men,” says Vitaly AZUROV. - For a lady, not only the process itself is important, but also how she will look from the outside. And if once 2-3 poses got into her "top", in which, according to the seducer, she is certainly irresistible, then, most likely, she will use them. But he will most likely be skeptical about his partner's proposals (what if the next position does not present it in the best light?). Such a tightness is instantly read and carries nothing but irritation. It can only be worse if monotonous positions are complemented by a sex schedule for the days of the week. So more spontaneity and creativity, ladies!"


For years, our girls and young women were taught the same stereotype: "Only a man needs this." As a result, we got a generation of women who are not only ashamed to take the initiative, but also consider it indecent.

Expert commentary: “Whoever needs sex, let him“stick”. This thought is firmly nestled in the minds of many ladies, - continues Vitaly AZUROV. - It's about stereotypes: offering passionate affection and insisting on a meeting means showing yourself available, moreover, dissolute. Even if you are dating, and even if you are married. All that remains for the lady is to wait for the gentleman to deign to turn to her with an "obscene" proposal. She, in turn, can refuse, or can "have mercy" - to allow.

This lack of initiative goes hand in hand with manipulation. The imaginary coldness, the broadcasting of the attitude "I don't really need it" allows you to be the "main" in this process. Now she decides whether to give or not. Moreover, any wrongdoing can be an excuse for "not giving": did not have time for dinner, stayed with friends, forgot to congratulate the mother-in-law

At the same time, we cannot even imagine for a second: what if everything were the other way around? If your partner refused to be intimate because of, say, tasteless borscht? An absurd situation, isn't it? So the manipulations on the part of the ladies are just as ridiculous, you just got used to them.

The desire to give each other pleasure and passion is mutually and equally strongly manifested in both men and women. To hide this fact under a hypocritical mask of indifference to sex is at least silly. Do not hesitate to tell your loved one about your desires, the initiative on the part of the temptress excites the gentleman even more.


The peak of passion, everyone "lives" in their own way - someone groans, someone bites, and someone screams at all. However, if the proper pleasure never came, some partners prefer to imitate it, rather than confess to the partner their real feelings. But such a game is then too expensive for both of them.

Expert commentary: “There are, of course, ladies who are naturally gifted with a passionate temperament, who, even in three minutes of hot hugs and quick movements, are able to achieve maximum pleasure,” agrees Vitaly AZUROV. - But this is rather an exception to the rule. Most require a skilled and patient partner who will help them reach the pinnacle of pleasure. However, these are rare.

In order not to destroy masculine conceit, ladies prefer to “play” an orgasm, imitate passion and show that the evening went “with a bang!”, Hoping in their hearts that in the course of future intimate dates they will deal with this issue. But it doesn't work that way. On the next date, the partner will repeat exactly what he did, because he remembered that he liked this procedure and should continue in the same rhythm. And the second participant in the action, following the usual scenario, will have to realize her acting skills again and again in order to create the appearance of passion and pleasure.

Alas, deceiving forever will not work: and the later the gentleman learns the truth, the more terrible this revelation will become for him. Therefore, it is better to correct a man immediately during an intimate meeting, to show which positions and caresses you like more. And even if the first time does not work out to get the maximum pleasure, you must honestly admit it. Then many nights of searching for paths to enjoyment will await you."


Dating under the moon, flowers, dinners in restaurants - at the first stage of a relationship, which is also called "candy-bouquet", romance gushes like a fountain. The kisses are getting more passionate, the hugs are getting hotter And you are ready to continue the evening in bed. But here's the bad luck: there is no aroma candles or massage oil nearby, and no champagne with fruit is expected. And then, instead of immediately indulging in caresses, the partner begins to be capricious and make claims. Really stopped loving?

Specialist comment: “In order to create a romantic atmosphere, a gentleman in love has to put in a lot of effort,” notes Vitaly AZUROV. - Bouquets of roses, treats in expensive restaurants - all this requires not only finances, but also creativity. However, not every man is endowed from birth with such feelings of an incorrigible romantic, many have to literally "squeeze" out of themselves at least something in order to make a sweetheart pleasant. But you have to understand - this will not last forever. First dates are a kind of "bride", when a partner flaunts his capabilities and charm like a peacock's tail. But he is clearly not very keen to walk like that with loose plumage all the time. And if there is a choice - to play a romantic at every meeting or to find another charm (more modest in requirements), the boyfriend will rather choose the second option. Sometimes it is worth surrendering to passion without looking back, without conventions and claims. Still, the main decoration of this evening is not the romantic atmosphere, but you and your gentleman."


According to scientists, women speak three times more than men. It would seem that nothing like that, talk to your health. But not in bed!

Specialist comment: “According to researchers, ladies pronounce an average of 20 thousand words a day, but gentlemen - only seven thousand,” recalls Vitaly Azurov. - Can you imagine the difference? According to scientists, such talkativeness in the fairer sex is the result of special neurophysiological processes. Simply put, in order to comprehend the situation, the lady simply needs to tell it to someone, otherwise she will not be able to sort it out “on the shelves” in her head. Hence the questions that are often funny and even annoying."What would you do if I died?", "How are we going to live in old age?" All this is not idle chatter, it is really important for a lady to discuss the situation in order to throw out her emotions. However, in the moments when the desire takes possession of two, the last thing a man would like to hear is “for life” questions. He simply will not be able to adequately perceive them and respond accordingly. Instinctive processes are turned on that have nothing to do with philosophical reflections on life. Therefore, leave conversations in moments of intimacy for later, when both of you are satisfied and relaxed.


Intimacy is called intimate because two people participate in it. Friends, on the other hand, do not need to know about all the nuances of your meetings.

Expert commentary: “The desire to share her feelings after a stormy night is natural for a woman,” says Vitaly AZUROV. - But dumping all the details to your friends, who may also know your partner personally, is not the best solution. Moreover, all-encompassing discussions should be avoided if the meeting was not very productive. Sooner or later, he learns that he has become the subject of your criticism, this can cause irritation or complexes in him. No one wants to act as an exhibit to compare sexual potency, especially if it is not in their favor.

If after an intimate night emotions are overwhelmed and you just need to throw them out, it is better to describe them in a personal diary, and it is better for girlfriends to describe the process itself in general terms, without going into details."

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