A Guy And A Girl Had An Accident, The Girl Was Buried, And After 5 Years She Came To His Wedding

A Guy And A Girl Had An Accident, The Girl Was Buried, And After 5 Years She Came To His Wedding
A Guy And A Girl Had An Accident, The Girl Was Buried, And After 5 Years She Came To His Wedding

Video: A Guy And A Girl Had An Accident, The Girl Was Buried, And After 5 Years She Came To His Wedding

Video: A Guy And A Girl Had An Accident, The Girl Was Buried, And After 5 Years She Came To His Wedding
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Sasha and Vika were friends from early childhood. On the day of majority, the parents gave Sasha a used car. By that time, the guy had already got his license, dad helped to procure it. He worked in his administration and had some connections. At first, my beloved son was offended by the gift and reproached his father, why he did not buy a new car, he regretted the money. To this, the father objected that he was the first in general to have a Zaporozhets, and nothing.

"Once you learn to ride, then we'll think about it"

- said the father firmly, and Sasha no longer started a conversation on this topic, was content with what he had.

As it became known to the correspondents of the news agency "Express-Novosti", one evening Vika and Sasha decided to update the car and go to visit her aunt in the neighboring town. It was summer outside, there was no time limit, and both were already completely adults, they were 18 years old. When they drove out, it was already getting dark on the street, there was silence all around, the stars twinkled, and only occasionally oncoming cars passing by broke this idyll. In the morning, Sasha began to fall asleep, and here, out of nowhere, the truck drove into the oncoming lane, it was impossible to dodge. The guy woke up in the hospital, lay in a coma for a week, entered with a craniocerebral - and immediately on the operating table. The doctor said that if they arrived 10 minutes later, it would be too late. Then his parents almost went crazy, still the only son, albeit a fool.

In that accident, only Sasha miraculously survived, only the baseball cap remained from the truck trailer. It turned out that the man was carrying a whole wagon of weapons, and during the collision, everything exploded. Sasha was thrown to the side when he was hit, when he flew out of the car. There was a stop nearby, thanks to a protective metal wall, he was alive and remained, and the girl, they said, was torn to small pieces. When they were buried, they put only a handbag and one shoe in the coffin, there was nothing else. The investigation got stuck at a standstill, well, it is understandable, since a man was carrying a weapon without documents at night, it smacks of smuggling, big people and money are involved. Six months later, everything was settled, Sasha's parents turned up some kind of envelope, and in it 100,000 dollars, so to speak, compensation for moral and material damage. They took almost everything for the rehabilitation period and spent it.

For two years in a row Sashka went to Vika's grave every day, completely limp. His mother could not find a place for herself, she thought - as if he had not done something. But then the granddaughter came to the neighbors, a prominent one, with the aristocratic name Mari, and let's knock out wedges to Sasha. The guy at first avoided, and then gave up, and pulled him up to his ears, it was going to the wedding. It was a day before the wedding, and preparations were in full swing.

And poor Vika has suffered so much during these three years. She woke up in the hut of some ancient old man, he kept walking and lamenting:

"Oh, the girl will not go out, young at all, oh, not go out."

They knocked her everything off, threw her almost 60 meters, broke her leg and arm and punched her head. The grandfather did not sleep all night, he gave all some kind of bitter water, repeated something in an incomprehensible language, like an incantation, and then left. I went out, and Vika got ready to go home, went out to the village, and just on the day of the wedding, her fate took her. I got on the bus and went home. Poor parents, when they saw a living daughter, almost fainted. Both turned gray, and the mother says:

“Daughter, I’m just going to your grave, I have prepared fresh flowers. Every day I go, we buried you like three years."

The girl told everything how it was, and asked about Sasha, if thoughts about him did not help her, she certainly would not have survived.

Mother didn't know what to say. The father plucked up courage and answered his daughter:

“He’s got married today, probably in the registry office already.”

Vika decided that she needed to act without delay, and ran as best she could to the registry office. At the right moment, she ran into the hall, the employee offered to exchange young rings. Sasha saw Vika and fainted. An ambulance was called, pumped out, of course, the wedding did not take place. He still loved his Vika, but with that somehow everything worked out spontaneously. Six months later, the wedding was played, all this time they were waiting for the restoration of the girl's documents. Now they are waiting for the first-born, but Sasha is not driving yet, he has not left yet.