The Bride Ran Away From The Wedding To The Father Of The Groom

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The Bride Ran Away From The Wedding To The Father Of The Groom
The Bride Ran Away From The Wedding To The Father Of The Groom

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The correspondents of the Express-Novosti news agency became aware of the history of this unusual wedding, which ended in a very extraordinary way, but successfully for all its participants.


The young couple, who had been dating for more than two years, finally decided to legalize their relationship. Maria and Albert dreamed about it for a long time. It was an important step for them, as well as for their parents. Albert lived with his mother, who was alone. She had long been divorced, and although Maria knew her future father-in-law, they communicated separately from the rest of the family. It was Albert's father, Yegor, who introduced the young. Albert's mother really wanted her son to marry Maria. This would be a guarantee of union in the business of young parents. Maria's parents had a business, and Albert's mother had investments, but they wanted to cement their relationship with the help of their children.


Alas, the further time passed, the more Maria became disappointed in her chosen one. He then disappeared for several days, then came in a deranged state. Masha understood that, most likely, she was not on her way with Albert, and no matter how much she loved him, there would be no sense in this love, but no one wanted to listen to the girl. Everyone believed that the girl slandered and was just nervous before the wedding.

The girl's fears were confirmed by her sister Ksenia. She was silent for a long time, but seeing Masha's feelings, she decided to tell her her secret. The girl told Masha that her fiancé Albert had long shown signs of attention to Xenia, and showed her correspondence with him. For Masha, this was the last argument in doubt. Maria planned to break off the wedding, but her parents refused to help her in this. They wanted this wedding and felt that the girl was exaggerating.

Unexpected act

After an unsuccessful dialogue with her parents, Masha lay on the bed and cried. Then only one person came to her mind, who helped her in the fight against Albert's past antics. It was his father Yegor. The girl called Egor and he took her out of the house. The man hid the fact that the bride was “stealing” from his son. Together they left and did not show up for the wedding.

Parents on the phone tried to persuade Masha to return, but she refused. As a result, the situation resolved itself: Albert offered his hand and heart to Xenia, who was not averse to marrying a guy. The “wonderful” union took place. Parents again asked Masha to return, but she refused for another reason. During the time that the girl was hiding with Yegor, they liked each other and decided that Masha was moving to him. They were not embarrassed by the age difference. The lovers realized that it was fate, and Yegor conquered Masha herself with his kindness and responsiveness. As a result, Xenia got married on the day of the wedding, and Maria found her love in the person of her “savior” and the father of her ex-groom concurrently.

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