Tatiana Ovsienko: I Sold My Apartment To Get Sasha Out Of Prison

Tatiana Ovsienko: I Sold My Apartment To Get Sasha Out Of Prison
Tatiana Ovsienko: I Sold My Apartment To Get Sasha Out Of Prison

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In 2011, the groom of the singer Tatyana Ovsienko, Alexander Merkulov, was detained on charges of organizing an attempted murder of a businessman. Alexander spent three years in a pre-trial detention center while the investigation was underway, in court he was acquitted and released. For two years Merkulov and Ovsienko enjoyed happiness, but in the summer of 2016 the court reviewed the case - Alexander was arrested again.


Tatiana and Alexander. Photo: Instagram

After 8 months (in the summer of 2017, Merkulov was released), he proposed to his beloved Tatyana and they are thinking about a wedding and a wedding. In the program "New Russian Sensations" (NTV), Alexander Merkulov admitted that he made an offer to his bride before being taken into custody a year ago: "When a person is in such conditions, his feelings are exacerbated … In a letter to Tatiana he wrote that we have everything in force, do not give up me…"

Tanya admitted that in the beginning, she tried to spend millions to free Sasha and even sold one of the apartments in Moscow.

“But Lolita and my parents stopped me in time … And Sasha said that he would serve time, there was no need to sell anything,” says Ovsienko, “Thank you very much Sasha for choosing me. Now thoughts of loneliness can be abandoned.

Tatyana knows for sure that their love should have a continuation, and wants a girl. Alexander has two children from a previous relationship, she has an adult son and even a grandson.

“It was more difficult to survive the imprisonment. Sasha appeared in my life after many years of loneliness,” Ovsienko said in an interview with the TV program magazine. “By that time, I hadn’t lived with Vova (the singer's ex-husband. - Auth.) For ten years. plans for a serious relationship. For me, the main things were the son of Igor and work. I reasoned like this: if from time to time there will be some kind of love in my life, then they will not be able to interfere with my goals and I will not abandon them. I am a living person! Therefore, when nine years ago I came to rest with friends for a couple of days and met Sasha there, I was not going to start a serious romance. But, probably, it was prescribed from somewhere above. I fell in love."

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