The Bride Ovsienko Found Another Man

The Bride Ovsienko Found Another Man
The Bride Ovsienko Found Another Man

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Tatyana Ovsienko is in full swing preparing for the wedding with former prisoner Alexander Merkulov. However, in one of the interviews, the artist said that she "did not want to go to the registry office at all." Clairvoyant Kazhetta Akhmetzhanova specifically for Dni.Ru found out what is going on in the soul of the singer.


"She can write a whole treatise on how a woman who wants to turn a man's head should look, move and speak. Anyone who falls under her spell soon ceases to notice other representatives of the fairer sex. Tatiana's energy is always enough to work." for wear and tear. "Whatever she does, it is always a little" too much. "You can even get a little tired from being next to such a woman, but for sure you will never be bored with her," says Kazhetta.

According to the clairvoyant, the pop star takes love seriously, she puts all her passion into it. She will love her chosen one deeply and strongly, protecting him from everyone and everything. Marriage with her is equally likely to become a branch of heaven or hell on earth.

“It is unlikely that she will begin to babysit someone who does not meet her sexual expectations or try to deceive her. On the other hand, no matter how paradoxical it may sound, she easily finds a common language with those men who suffer from some kind of sexual problems that have a psychological background. She has a bright head and very well-developed intuition. She will very long and closely examine her friends and lovers almost under a microscope, arrange them "exams" and "checks" before allowing them to become a part of her life ", - noted Kazhetta.

Tatyana is quite capricious and loves that everything was as she intended. As a rule, she does nothing for nothing. "This is an incredibly determined person who plans all the steps to achieve the goal and will not give up until it reaches it. She cannot be knocked off course, but she is always ready to change her tactics to take into account the changed circumstances. Unless she has everything on the personal front. okay, as it was quite recently, then from a charming creature she turns into an evil fury, characterized by destructive behavior. Her enemies will have a very hard time - she, like no one else, knows how to take revenge and does it very sophisticated, "- said the clairvoyant.

In addition, Ovsienko despises weakness in any form and especially despises those who cave in under pressure from others. "As for her relationship, they will still be legalized, although I think that it would be better if Tatyana did not do this. I do not see happiness for her in a legal marriage. The peculiarity of this couple is that everything that happened to them and will happen in the future, we have a positive coloring only outside of marriage ", - warned Kazhetta.

According to the clairvoyant, in the relationship between the singer and her lover there is a place for both romance and intrigue, there are a lot of interesting events and twists and turns that the couple overcomes together. Life puts Tatiana's groom on the sidelines, he falls into the intricacies of fate, ends up in prison, and she, as a faithful companion, must wait for him. "But I would not advise Tatyana to rush to an official marriage, because along with the stamp in her passport, even bigger problems will come into her life and she, as a responsible and conscientious person, will spend a lot of effort and energy to solve them," Akhmetzhanova emphasized.

However, this can be avoided. “It is enough to end the relationship with this man, because in her fate there is a place for another and I see it. The one I’m talking about will become a real support and support for the audience’s favorite, he will not be burdened with a negative karmic path like her current chosen one.The new person will bring peace and harmony to Tatyana Ovsienko's life, and together they will be very comfortable. There will be no need to fight for anything, as this feeling will become more sincere. Real female happiness, about which she always sang in her songs, awaits her ahead, but so far she does not even know the man who will make her happy. And in order for him to appear faster and easier in her life, she must end the current relationship and in no case legitimize them, "concluded Kazhetta.

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