I Love You: Alena Rapunzel From "House-2" Made A Confession

I Love You: Alena Rapunzel From "House-2" Made A Confession
I Love You: Alena Rapunzel From "House-2" Made A Confession

Video: I Love You: Alena Rapunzel From "House-2" Made A Confession

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Recently, a young mother often speaks frankly with the public.


A participant in the television project "Dom-2" (TNT, 16+) Alena Rapunzel in her instagram was frank with her subscribers.

"I love you. And in quarrels, and in joy, and in resentment. I love you the way you are,”Alena wrote, addressing her boyfriend Maxim Kolesnikov.

“Guys, I'm rooting for you. Be happy and love each other. And don't listen to anyone,”one of the subscribers commented.

As reported, the participants of the TV project "Dom-2" Alena Rapunzel and Maxim Kolesnikov decided to leave the show. They told about this to their Instagram subscribers.

“I am grateful to the place for everything, but we must move on,” Alena wrote.

"What caused their decision, we will find out soon on the air of" House-2 ", - the press service of the TV project reports.

Earlier, Alena Rapunzel said that her new boyfriend Maxim Kolesnikov is young and very good, with a kind heart.

“Few people believed in our relationship, and there was a lot of gossip. But I am happy next to him and I can say that I love you, Maxim,”wrote Rapunzel on her instagram. “Crazy dear and the best. I tend to distrust men and often just destroyed everything that I built myself. I just feel him, every millimeter of his body,”the young mother was frank. “Many will say that why do you need him, he is young, and you have a child, etc. You know, there is so much responsibility in him that I have never met in anyone. He clearly understands what he is going for and what depends on him. Therefore, I am calm, so there are no scandals, so I now live in harmony, so I chose him. I am sure that a happy future awaits us. And, you know, I think soon you will see it yourself …”- concluded Alena.

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