Alexander Malinin's Wife Explained Why Sexual Compatibility Is So Important In Marriage

Alexander Malinin's Wife Explained Why Sexual Compatibility Is So Important In Marriage
Alexander Malinin's Wife Explained Why Sexual Compatibility Is So Important In Marriage

Video: Alexander Malinin's Wife Explained Why Sexual Compatibility Is So Important In Marriage

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Video: How important is sexual compatibility in marriage? 2023, January

And she said what is the main component of a good long-term relationship.


The famous singer Alexander Malinin and his wife Emma have been happily married for 30 years. They are glad that they met each other and created a wonderful family. For many, the relationship of star spouses is an example. Emma Malinina, candidate of medical sciences, obstetrician-gynecologist, businesswoman, in her column on "Letidore" decided to touch upon a very important topic - sexual compatibility in marriage. She told how to preserve chemistry in a relationship and what to do if she disappeared.

Our people (unlike the same Europeans) throughout their lives carry the idea that sex is a shame, and all sorts of "tricks" are needed only by those who have problems. And, of course, what our couples think about last is sexual harmony and compatibility (and some don't even know what that is). In my opinion, sexual compatibility is an extremely important moment in marriage, like, for example, the same tastes, views on certain things. Honestly, if people are sexually incompatible, I don't know what their marriage is based on.

- said Emma Malinina.

“I'm talking about that same sexual mutual energy that comes to the fore when the euphoria of the honeymoon ends, and falling in love gradually transforms into something else. It is important that there is a primary passion between people. This is a tsunami of feelings that can either raise relationships to a high level or destroy them. Plus, there should be a game in a pair, one person (or better if both partners) should be a good “director”. A great responsibility for sexual harmony in a couple lies with the woman. Everything is important - how she feels, how she communicates with her partner, how she looks, how she smells, how she looks at the world. Yes, yes, and in the literal sense of the word. Charm in a woman (this is what attracts a man most of all) is a combination of a fresh look, posture (now there are a huge number of free exercise complexes on the Internet), grooming, correct, positive thoughts. Notice I didn't say anything about beauty. The appearance of a Barbie does not guarantee happiness and sexual harmony at all,”the artist's wife shared her thoughts.

For many, it is still the discovery that the bedroom is not only a place to sleep. This is, first of all, your "mink" with your husband, to be there together and enjoy each other. The atmosphere in the bedroom, furnishings, smells - everything should tune in to a romantic mood, everything should develop the necessary "reflex". Upon entering the bedroom, a man should not flop onto a bed filled with unsightly linen and fall asleep. The bedroom is a place of strength for a couple, where any of their fantasies come true … Sexual harmony is the cementing component of good long marriages. This is fuel, this is dope!

- says the businesswoman.

Recall that Alexander Malinin in 1990 married his beloved Emma. The artist adopted the child of his beloved wife from her first marriage. Anton became a businessman. He has already pleased the singer and his mother with his grandson and granddaughter. And in 2000, the couple became parents of twins. They named their daughter Ustinya, and their son Frol.

Note that Alexander Malinin is a father of many children. From his first marriage, he has a son, Nikita. He became an independent singer and composer.

Photo, video: Instagram @alexandr_malinin, @doktoremmamalinina, @ustinya_malinina_official

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