Psychic: "The End Of Kuzmin's Love Affairs Has Come"

Psychic: "The End Of Kuzmin's Love Affairs Has Come"
Psychic: "The End Of Kuzmin's Love Affairs Has Come"

Marianna Abravitova told why the artist returned to his ex-wife

In June 2018, Vladimir Kuzmin divorced Ekaterina Trofimova, his third official wife. The couple have been married for 17 years, while the chosen one of the musician was 27 years younger than him. Later, Vladimir began to be seen in the company of an even younger beauty - 26-year-old Svetlana, to whom, in her own words, the singer dedicated several songs from the new album.

While the spiteful critics were ironic about the increasingly young lovers of Kuzmin, rumors appeared on the Web that the couple had already managed to secretly get married. And suddenly a fresh photo with his now ex-wife Ekaterina appeared on the artist's microblog. “Something like that,” - Vladimir signed the photograph shortly. On the frame, the girl hugs the musician by the shoulders, and the hashtags say: "Katya Kuzmina". asked the psychologist, psychic and tarologist Marianna Abravitova what all this means.

“The end of Kuzmin's love affairs has come. This is a classic story of men of this type who live like this, changing wives and mistresses. They sometimes do not feel their age and forget that time passes, and their appearance no longer corresponds to the way they behave. When this realization comes, they begin to look for a woman-mother who will take care of them. It is difficult for them to be lonely, and everything changes in their heads at once. They immediately need to build a cozy family nest for themselves, and this woman for them immediately becomes just everything. By the way, there may not be a marriage, but an illusion of this marriage, and the fact that she will imitate a sexual life will also suit such men,”Abravitova said.

“The fact is that after they get tired of everything, their comfort zone is to create illusions of happiness. This can only be done with one of the ex-wives. Now it turns out that way - and Kuzmina is completely satisfied with everything. This is the only mystery of nature. This is not because they cannot live without each other, but this is just reality. If all this had not happened to Kuzmin, he would have walked around, and would have gotten married, and would have gotten divorced, but when the strength is not the same, all that remains is to nip on the shoulder of his ex-wife and find long-awaited happiness in this,”Marianna believes.

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