Identified People Who Are More Attractive As Sexual Partners

Identified People Who Are More Attractive As Sexual Partners
Identified People Who Are More Attractive As Sexual Partners

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In the love sphere, people who are more difficult to bond with seem to others to be more attractive as sexual partners. This is the conclusion made by Israeli scientists.

To find out if this is so, they conducted three experiments with one hundred students. Their participants interacted with a person of the opposite sex, not knowing that it was a member of the research group, and then assessed their personal perception of the value of the partner and the desire to enter into a close relationship with him. The results of a study by Gurit Birnbaum and her colleagues at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya are published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.

First, the students created their online profile, where they talked about their preferences in choosing a partner. Then they were asked to read the profile of another person, after which the young people communicated with each other through a messenger for several minutes.

It turned out that the dummy participants, who were more difficult for the subjects to interest, seemed to the students more desirable in terms of possible sexual relations. In the second stage of the experiment, the participants answered ten questions related to various areas of their life, such as what kind of vacation you prefer - solitary or group, and others, and then listened to the answers of another participant, who had mostly the opposite opinion.

After that, some students were asked to convince "hard-to-reach" partners of the correctness of their opinion, who, after much persuasion, allowed them to do this. The other subjects were asked to simply exchange views.

In a third experiment, the researchers investigated whether the predicted hard-to-reach effect would extend to spontaneous interactions over the Internet. The students chatted with the dummy participants and left a last message for them at the end. Analysis of romantic correspondence showed that the inaccessibility of a partner significantly increased his attractiveness in order to continue dating.

However, the researchers made a note of the youth of the subjects, which could have a certain effect on the results obtained. In the future, similar research will be conducted with older participants who, when choosing a mate, may target a different type of behavior.

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