Personal Experience: "I Will Never Marry A Russian"

Personal Experience: "I Will Never Marry A Russian"
Personal Experience: "I Will Never Marry A Russian"

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Recently, I am increasingly disappointed in Russian men. I often go abroad and look at foreign couples, and in principle I communicate with young men from Europe. Of course, they are not strong in courtship, but they treat women much better, and they do not look like ours.

Maybe the younger generation of men will look better in old age, but what is happening now is disgusting. They allow themselves to insult and beat their wives and children. This seems unacceptable to me. They demand women to work, "keep the family hearth", raise children, and even at the same time look like photo models. At the same time, they themselves sit on the couch, drink beer and grow their belly. Most of my friends are already married, and they bring most of the income to the family. It seems that after marriage, Russian men do not need anything at all - he found himself a slave and live in peace.

If this happens to their heads at the age of 30-40, then what will happen in old age? Dementia, they say, increases with age. Look at the elderly foreigners, they even go in for sports on retirement, travel. And what are ours doing? They continue to sit on the couch, complain about life, spread rot on the authorities and drink beer. I hope that this is not a trait of mentality, and someday they will come to their senses.

Foreigners are not only pleasant to watch, but they are just perfect in marriage. Overseas, men take maternity leave to give their wife the opportunity to go to work and pursue a career. That is, half of the time the mother sits with the newborn, and the half - the father. They are not afraid to help their wife with the household, the whole life is also divided in half, and I think this is correct. If they want to do something in their life, they go and do, and do not sit and whine.

I will never marry a Russian and am actively looking for a man abroad. I am not doing this for the sake of money or moving, I am just turned back by our men. I don't want to row one size fits all, but most are. You can throw mud at women and praise yourself as much as you want, but you won't get any better from it.


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