The Love Story Of A Student Murderer From Baumanka For His Victim

The Love Story Of A Student Murderer From Baumanka For His Victim
The Love Story Of A Student Murderer From Baumanka For His Victim

Video: The Love Story Of A Student Murderer From Baumanka For His Victim

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More and more details of the relationship between Artyom Iskhakov and his victim are appearing on the Web. Perhaps the young people until recently had some feelings for each other.


It is already known that about two years ago, an affair broke out between the young man and Tanya Strakhova. Then it quickly ended, as the girl found Artyom too childish. Later, from the comments of the friends of the deceased, it became known that soon after the breakup, the girl began a different relationship: she fell in love with a young designer from St. Petersburg. As the girlfriends of the deceased said, the Couple constantly quarreled, the teenagers either dispersed or converged.

All this time, Tanya lived in an apartment with Artem, who continued to love her. The young man constantly hoped to return the girl, but all the time he was refused. However, recently, photographs have appeared on the Web that may call this version into question. In the pictures published in one of the communities on the social network "Vkontakte", dedicated to the terrible murder of his beloved by Artyom, young people are depicted kissing surrounded by friends.

In the comments under the publication, a discussion immediately flared up: some users believed that the photos were taken shortly before the tragedy, when Tanya allegedly had already put an end to her relationship with Artyom. Others are sure that the young people were photographed two years ago when they were a couple.

"The photos are old (Hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the authors are preserved. Editor's note)", "they met once", "it was two years earlier. He was 17, it turns out", "They still don't kiss on the lips. he was freezing ", - wrote users, confident that the separation of the couple was final.

The community contributors who posted the controversial images did not disclose when the images were taken. At the same time, on condition of anonymity, they posted on the group's page a comment by a girl who said that she knew Artyom.

"I knew Artyom. We met two years ago, went to a party together. He told me that she was his great love, she was the first to leave him. Tanya, Artyom and their friends had fun. Everything was fine. I'm just in shock now. I knew Tanya for three years, studied together in the first year and kept on talking. In fact, the dumbest thing is that he looked like an extremely adequate boy. I never I could not imagine that this could happen. Tanya was a very nice girl, my good friend. Two days ago we just talked. I don’t know anything about Artyom’s life. This is not my friend, we saw each other after meeting a couple of times. that he took drugs, "- wrote an unknown girl.

Recall, as Dni.Ru wrote, the bodies of a student of the Bauman Institute Artyom and Tanya Strakhova were found in an apartment they rented for two. The young man killed the girl and abused the corpse several times, after which he committed suicide. Artyom's intention to commit suicide became known from a letter he published on the VKontakte social network. The student left wishes to colleagues and friends.

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