Russian Journalist Spoke About Trying To Become A Wife In A Polygamous Family

Russian Journalist Spoke About Trying To Become A Wife In A Polygamous Family
Russian Journalist Spoke About Trying To Become A Wife In A Polygamous Family

Video: Russian Journalist Spoke About Trying To Become A Wife In A Polygamous Family

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Afisha Daily journalist Milana Logunova tried to join a polygamous family to tell how people who profess "radical patriarchy" live and who promise to revive the "Slavic paradise" online. She shared her experience on the pages of the publication.

The journalist studied the VKontakte groups dedicated to patriarchy in Russia. According to her, their members are aimed at "returning masculine holiness", they oppose LGBT people, vegans, opposition, feminists "and everything else that destroys morality."

She drew up a questionnaire in which she indicated that she was looking for a man or an already established couple for a serious polygamous relationship. The girl wrote that she would devote herself to the household and children, she was ready to obey her husband in everything. She posted a profile in one of the dating groups, after which she was inundated with offers of meetings. As the girl later found out, she made a mistake, since in this community it is not customary for a woman to publish a questionnaire herself: usually men announce the search for a wife, and women respond to him in private messages.

The journalist went through two interviews. At first, she corresponded with a middle-aged man who imitated Old Church Slavonic in his correspondence. It turned out that he is an Old Believer who lives in the forest with his wife and three children, having escaped from the "concentration camp", which he calls Petersburg. The man works as a stove-maker and independently educates children. His wife is lonely, and she is pleased with the idea of ​​her husband to take a second wife.

The second couple, who became interested in the questionnaire, Nikolai and Maria - former classmates who became interested in esotericism, left Moscow State University and went to the countryside. They bake bread to order and are engaged in folk crafts, oppose medical care and public education. The journalist contacted them via video link. The conversation was led by Nikolai, who explained that he decided to take another wife because he wanted freedom. Maria, in turn, was tired of her husband, Nikolai said. During the conversation, the wife was silent.

The third acquaintance ended with a bride in the suburbs of St. Petersburg. Dmitry and Nadezhda turned out to be about 50 years old. They have two children, they live in an apartment with Nadezhda's mother. The author of the material describes Dmitry as a "sports alpha male with a beard" in a tight-fitting T-shirt, and his wife - as a "sweet smiling blonde" who is endlessly devoted to her husband. Nadezhda is convinced that “a woman is always the horizon, and a man is a vertical”. Dmitry adds that monogamy is self-deception. He believes that men get stronger depending on how many women want help from them.

The journalist never joined any of the couples. The experiment convinced her that she was not ready for unconditional male authoritarianism and was "too selfish and weak for polygamy."

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