Ruslana Pysanka: A Woman Is Capricious Very Wise

Ruslana Pysanka: A Woman Is Capricious Very Wise
Ruslana Pysanka: A Woman Is Capricious Very Wise

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She does not at all look like a capricious diva, on the contrary, she is sociable, cheerful, talented. Quite frank! Likes to talk about "female" topics. How else? "A particle of the devil in us!" This phrase contains the whole Ruslana Pysanka.


-Ruslana, should a real woman be able to be capricious?

-Sure! But a real woman is capricious very wisely. What is whim? This is a woman's desire, which is completely inexplicable for men! I want it and that's it! Sometimes this is not entirely correct.

-What is the right way to be capricious?

-It has to be appropriate. The main thing is not to bring the situation to the point of absurdity. For example, if a woman buys the tenth handbag in a week, then, my dears, this is no longer a whim, but an absurdity. And if a woman lies imposingly on the sofa and says in a languid voice: “Honey, why do we need to watch football? Let's talk better.”Yes, of course, this is a whim, but so well thought-out! With sight

- I think that the tendency to whims is inherent in a woman by nature. Do you agree?

- I think it is given to us at the genetic level.

-And you yourself are often capricious?

-It happens. Although, those men who I liked did not see my whims. And those who I didn’t like simply didn’t like. But I never complicate the life of loved ones with my whims. Why? The degree of whims is directly proportional to the readiness to fulfill them. If you say to a man constantly: "Honey, I want, I want, I want this or that!" nothing good will come of it. He will get bored, and he will find one with a moderate whim.

- But many women know how to achieve their own exclusively by whims.

- Yes, to your health! And how long? In addition to whims, a woman should have other levers. What kind? Mind! Yes, mind! It is not true that men love stupid people. They love smart people, but they hide it well. The woman who cultivates whims in herself, apparently, can no longer restrain a man.

- Is it worth keeping a man?

-To hold - do not hold against your will! And to be interesting for him. I understand that there is everyday life: cooking, dirty dishes, dust. But sometimes you can leave it all and devote time to yourself!

-A man should be able to be capricious? For me personally, such individuals are irritating.

-Men know how to be capricious! And how! But it all depends on the man himself. If he is an egoist, then his whims are cruel, and if he is an understanding person, then anything can be done for him.

- Is your man understanding or selfish?

-And I look like a woman who can live with an egoist?

-No comments. Thank you for the conversation.

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