The Psychologist Named 5 Mistakes Women In Relationships

The Psychologist Named 5 Mistakes Women In Relationships
The Psychologist Named 5 Mistakes Women In Relationships

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Psychologist and popular blogger Alexander Shakhov named the most common female mistakes in relationships, reports.


First, the psychologist advises the fair sex not to make a son out of a man.

“Of course, every person needs care. But in this world, men solve their problems on their own. Often women bring excessive care and guardianship into a relationship with a man, thinking that by doing so they strengthen the relationship,” notes Shakhov.

Secondly, you should not make a girlfriend out of your man.

According to the psychologist, a woman is much more emotional than men, so the flow of open emotions from her can put a man in a difficult situation.

"Women experience much more emotions than men. Plus, they are much brighter. Imagine an elephant and an ant - this is the ratio of a woman to a man on an emotional level. Men are not always able to withstand the entire" burden "of female emotions. What to do? the same emotional "giants" as you are with your friends ", - emphasizes the specialist.

Thirdly, it is important not to make a kitten out of a man.

"The address" cat "or" bunny "is not for men. Look for courageous words."

In addition, the psychologist clarifies that, as a rule, men need less hugs and affection than women. In this case, the blogger advises women not to be shy and tell the man about it or hug him herself.

Fourth, the role of sex should not be underestimated.

Shakhov claims that intimacy plays a major role in a man's life.

“In everyday life, representatives of the stronger sex do not have access to such strong emotions as women can experience, so men strive to receive them again and again. Sex makes relationships closer and more trusting,” the psychologist believes.

And the last thing. The psychologist strongly advises women not to think out.

Shakhov notes that often a woman does not ask a man what is happening, but prefers to think out everything herself, which subsequently leads to scandals.

"A woman begins to invent scary tales, thinks out and then it all pours out into anxiety and claims to the man. And the man does not understand what is happening and why he is reproached for something that does not exist. Men do not like this behavior very much," the expert concludes.

Earlier, Shakhov told what the main mistakes in relationships are made by representatives of the stronger sex.

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