Signs That A Man Really Loves You

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Signs That A Man Really Loves You
Signs That A Man Really Loves You

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Men express love differently than women. Admirable glances, a sea of ​​compliments and flowers, restaurants and the Maldives - this is testosterone, passion and love, the psychologist and popular blogger Alexander Shakhov is sure. He claims that "hormonal love" lasts an average of 1 to 6 months. Whether a real feeling will arise during this time is a big question. The expert described 6 signs by which you can understand that a man really loves.

1. A man claims his rights over you

If he has made the decision that you are the one and only value of his whole life, then he will hasten to claim his rights on you, until someone else does this: he will officially register the marriage, present to all friends and family as a bride, wife. The way a man introduces a woman to his friends and acquaintances, in general, says a lot: “Meet my girlfriend” - you are in the status of an official candidate for the bride. “This is Tanya,” you were just passing by, out of compassion he took you to the party to feed.

2. You figure in his personal plans and discuss them together

A loving man does not think of himself separately from his beloved, therefore, vacation, buying an apartment, moving, changing jobs - all this is discussed, planned taking into account the wishes and interests of the woman as well. Yes, yes, you thought it was natural to discuss plans together, but for a man who is used to relying only on himself and caring only for himself in the struggle for survival, taking into account the interests of another person means a deep emotional feeling of attachment. And do not judge men by women's standards, we are different. If a man says: “I love you, I can’t live without you,” it doesn’t mean anything. I'm surprised how many women still believe the words. The man speaks in deeds!

3. The man provides

This is a key feature, without it, everyone else is tinsel. When a man loves a woman, he is not stingy with her. It is pleasant and easy to spend money, time, attention on your beloved. Before starting a relationship with a woman, every man thinks: can I provide her and our children with a decent life? Someone honestly admits that they cannot and only offers sex. Someone is so rotten that he cheats and promises, although in fact he is not going to or is not able to. And some (unfortunately, there are many of them) cannot love anyone but themselves. They are egoists, narcissists. They are cowards and curmudgeons because in order to love, you need courage and generosity: trust, share, sacrifice for the sake of another. Pathetic people, they are not capable of this. They live in eternal fear that they will not have enough, they press even a penny on others, but spend generously on themselves, trying to enjoy secretly. I don't consider them men. They have no respect either in the world of women or in the world of men. A real man knows that his duty, his mission, his meaning of life is to make his family happy. Not everyone and not immediately come to this, but those who have lived, seen and understood, know: if you did not manage to make any person on earth happy, you wasted air.

4. The man protects

And not only from physical danger, of course. The meaning of protection is to get rid of fear. If his beloved is humiliated by whoever it is, even his mother or relatives, a man will do everything to protect his woman and family from psychological violence. But often a man must protect his woman from himself: his anger, indecision, inconsistency, irresponsibility. It's easy to understand: if a woman is restless, you are not protecting her well. For a man who truly loves, a woman is calm and happy.

5. Keeps faithful

An obvious sign, but for men, perhaps the most difficult, especially in the modern world of sexual advertising, the promotion of free relationships and the absence of public censure of betrayal.If the leaders of states are examples for other men, they have mistresses, cheat on their wives and leave them for the sake of young girls, then what to take from an ordinary man? My attitude to this is firm: despite the fact that a man is indeed polygamous by nature, I do not consider this to be an excuse for cheating. Animal impulses need to be able to restrain, and this has always distinguished noble men from those who cannot hold their pants. Loyalty to a woman is an indicator of masculinity. How can I, a man, trust a traitor who has already betrayed a loved one - a beloved woman ?! There is no trust in Judas. Fidelity is broader than cheating in bed. Any flirting, including correspondence on social networks, likes, looking at and discussing other women, including exes, with his beloved, says that the man is an idiot who does not understand how much pain he causes.

6. Keeps promises

This is close to being true, but true to the word. A woman is always worried about the future - such is her nature. She trusts a man who promises her protection, support, support. And to deceive her trust, not to keep her word - it's like wetting yourself in public. A man who loves keeps his word, otherwise what is his love?

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