Where To Look For A Future Husband

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Where To Look For A Future Husband
Where To Look For A Future Husband

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“If you are a little over 30, there is hope to marry a prince,” - the words of one very popular song sound in my head. There is hope, of course. But where to look for this very prince? Yes, even if not a prince, but at least an average manager with a stable income. You will find some useful tips in our article.


Love affair at work

Just don't wince! It is not necessary that in your case everything will be the same as in Bridget Jones. Of course, having an affair with a colleague is risky … But whoever does not risk, he does not get all the buzz from life. Of course, we are not talking about a single boss who, after a failed romance, can fire you. So to speak, out of sight A, for example, about a nice marketer from the next department. Or, perhaps, as a real professional, you strive for self-development and attend lectures, trainings and seminars? It is there that you can meet someone who will suit you perfectly. First, you already know that he is not stupid. Secondly, he has a job and is ambitious. Well, thirdly, and the devil only knows, thirdly! Go already and get acquainted, and then we'll see. Just don't flirt with all your colleagues in a row. Trust me, this is a bad idea. If you really like someone, just try to be friends, and over time, this friendship, plus the daily 8-10 hours in one office, will certainly do the trick.

Master class or cultural event

And in vain you write off your hobby. Acquaintance in the theater or at a concert is just one hundred percent hitting the top ten. You are in an excellent mood, your interests are similar, and if a spark runs through, it's generally great. Do not be embarrassed and approach a bearded man who is alone contemplating a picture in a museum, or in a theater during an intermission to a young man who is bored alone. After all, since they came alone, it means that they have no one to discuss their impressions with. So be that someone. In a word, do not be embarrassed: suddenly it is this acquaintance that will turn your life upside down. And how are the master classes sideways, you ask. Well, of course, you will have to wait for a parachute jump for a while. And while you wait, you can spot a nice instructor or an adventurer like yourself, waiting for your turn to jump into the clouds. However, even if you love to cook, you may well meet a guy who is fond of baking at one of the master classes. The main thing is to keep your eyes open, your mood elevated and a smile at the ready.

Social networks

Well, where can we go without them? Social networks have become so tightly embedded in our lives that without them it is simply impossible to imagine ourselves and the world around us. Now you can choose a guy by his profile on the network, by a page teeming with photos. Or even check what type of women he likes, because there are likes for this, and helpful networks show us who your counterpart has liked. Yes, and you can communicate online with several men at once, before you choose the only one. Of course, such communication is different from live contact. But it also has a lot of advantages. Firstly, your chosen one will not be able to dismiss his hands, and secondly, he will have to think and strain to keep your interest and impress. And you are not limited in time. Previously, people married by correspondence, and now 70% of marriages are concluded after meeting on social networks. So that.

Yes, the modern world dictates its own rules and orders to us and it is no longer so easy to meet a man's dream. Home, work, gym, and a lot of things to do. We are very limited in time and men too. Just try to search where you are more often, and remember that the main thing when meeting is to be yourself. After all, you are beautiful!

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