She Captivated Ben Affleck, P. Diddy And More: The Most Striking Novels Of Jennifer Lopez

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She Captivated Ben Affleck, P. Diddy And More: The Most Striking Novels Of Jennifer Lopez
She Captivated Ben Affleck, P. Diddy And More: The Most Striking Novels Of Jennifer Lopez

Video: She Captivated Ben Affleck, P. Diddy And More: The Most Striking Novels Of Jennifer Lopez

Video: She Captivated Ben Affleck, P. Diddy And More: The Most Striking Novels Of Jennifer Lopez
Video: Was Ben Affleck Browsing Rings Amid Jennifer Lopez Romance? 2023, December

On July 24, the popular singer Jennifer Lopez turns 48 years old. Fans do not get tired of admiring the beauty, youth and shape of the star. However, despite his attractiveness and success, J. Lo cannot find a permanent life partner.


She has three divorces and a difficult breakup with 29-year-old dancer Casper Smart. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure: yes, her romances with men were short-lived, but at the same time bright! We at decided to remember them.

Ojani Noah

Jennifer's first husband was Ojani Noah. The young people met in February 1997 in one of the restaurants in Miami, where the guy worked as a waiter. A whirlwind romance began between Lopez and Noah and, without hesitation, they decided to sign.

But, apparently, after a while the passion faded away and already in 1998 the couple divorced. At first, they managed to maintain friendly relations with each other. But in 2002, the guy was fired from Madre's restaurant, and he decided to earn extra money on his ex-lover. Ojani threatened to release a home video featuring Lopez. For the coveted film, Noah asked for $ 5 million, but in the end he failed. J. Lo sued him and won the case. Do you think it is possible to stay on good terms after this?

Sean Combs

The second, with whom Jennifer's fate brought together is the rapper Pee Diddy, also known as Sean Combs. In 1999, he helped Lopez record her debut album, On the 6. The young man was very generous to the beauty: he showered her with diamonds, took her to expensive restaurants and treated J. Lo like a queen. Pi Diddy even proposed to Lopez, and the couple was already on the verge of getting married.

But fate made it clear to Jennifer that this is not her man. Somehow returning home from another party, a shootout began, in which her lover took an active part. Lopez realized that such a hot-tempered Sean was not a couple for her and broke off the engagement.

Chris Judd

A month after breaking up with P. Diddy on the set of the video for Love Don't Cost a Thing, the singer met dancer Chris Judd. Perhaps Dennifer's main mistake is that she is always in too much of a hurry: a few days after meeting the young man, they announced their engagement, and a month later they got married.

But Chris was not interested in the beauty Jay Lo herself, but in her money. He drank, had fun in nightclubs and did not deny himself anything. And the divorce from her husband cost the singer a pretty penny. She had to pay $ 18 million for her freedom. The marriage turned out to be expensive, wasn't it?

Ben Affleck

After the antics of the second husband of Chris, Jennifer did not sit alone for a long time. On the set of the film "Gigli" she met Ben Affleck, who immediately fell in love with the singer. The actor tried to do everything to make Jennifer happy. In 2002, Ben gave her an engagement ring with a huge pink diamond for one and a half million dollars.

The paparazzi followed on the heels of Ben and Jennifer, trying to film every date of the lovers. And in the end Affleck could not stand such attention and canceled the wedding an hour before the ceremony. “When he invited me to leave, unable to withstand the pressure of the press and fans, I felt like my heart was ripped out of my chest,” Jay Lo said in her memoir, True Love.

Mark Anthony

J. Lo met Mark while recording her first album. And the young man turned out to be as spontaneous as the singer. After all, he married Lopez a week after his divorce from his first wife. Thus, he became Jennifer's third spouse. After four years of marriage, Lopez gave her husband twins - daughter Emmy and son Max. It seemed to the fans that the artist had finally found the man of her dreams, and Lopez herself was glowing with happiness.

But after 10 years of marriage, the couple announced a divorce. As it turned out, in the "ideal" relationship, everything was not as good as everyone imagined. The man could not come to terms with the popularity of his wife and all the time reproached her for this. Later, Lopez said: "I never had a black eye or swollen lip, but I had a relationship where I felt some kind of violence on myself in one form or another: mental, emotional, verbal …"

Casper Smart

After a difficult divorce, Jennifer fell into depression, but the young dancer Casper Smart helped her find the strength to live on. The age difference between the singer and the guy was 18 years, but this did not bother the lovers, because they were very good together.

The young man suited Jay Lo in everything, he even got along with her children, and for any mother this is an important fact.

But after so many unsuccessful relationships, Jennifer was already wary of all men and constantly wondered: "Does he love her or her money?" With a young and ambitious guy, the beauty lived like on a volcano, and as a result, after 5 years of relationships and betrayals on the part of Smart, she realized that she could not continue this way - Lopez broke off the relationship.

Alex Rodriguez

The real and hopefully the latest boyfriend of the celebrity is basketball player Alex Rodriguez. Initially, Lopez and her lover did not want to advertise their relationship, but in May 2017 they appeared together at the Met Gala and did not hide their feelings. Jennifer admits that she is really happy next to Alex. She has already introduced him to her children, and they often spend time with their entire large family, because the basketball player is raising two beautiful daughters from his first marriage.

Close friends of the couple say that J. Lo and Rodriguez are very serious and are already thinking about getting married. The man had even already proposed to his beloved, but this time she decided not to rush.

Do you think Jennifer finally found her happiness?