Star Beauties Who Kissed Women And They Liked It

Star Beauties Who Kissed Women And They Liked It
Star Beauties Who Kissed Women And They Liked It

Video: Star Beauties Who Kissed Women And They Liked It

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Britney Spears and Madonna


The most legendary and most controversial kiss in the history of pop music. Madonna had a flash of passion during the 20th Annual MTV Video Music Awards in August 2003.

Suddenly, at the end of the number, the pop queen kissed her partner on stage. Yes, so passionately that even Britney herself did not understand what had happened. Madge later explained: along with the kiss, she transferred her energy to the young singer. Interesting energy exchange, however!

Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus

Katie Perry doesn't shy away from kissing girls. She even has a song for this occasion - I kissed a girl. “I kissed a girl and I liked it,” the singer has been singing for several years. However, until recently, few people knew who the hit was dedicated to. The secret would have remained a secret if not for Miley Cyrus, who stated that Katie dedicated these lines to her. Later, journalists learned that Perry's relationship with girls was not always limited to kissing.

“In truth, I had more than a kiss with a girl,” said Katie in an interview. "I was terribly interested to try, because even then I knew that sexuality was not as black and white as this dress."

Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox

Girlfriends Jen and Courtney only kissed on the set. The audience was looking forward to the sensational episode of the TV series "Dirt", in which the girls merged in a kiss. After the release of the series on the Web, as is usually the case, a scandal erupted. The actresses were accused of promoting same-sex love, but, fortunately, nothing happened.

Sandra Bullock and Scarlett Johansson We don't know what found on Sandra Bullock during the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, but she managed to really surprise Scarlett Johansson, who came to receive the award instead of her then husband Ryan Reynolds.

The actor, along with Bullock, was nominated for Best Kiss for his role in The Proposal. Initially, Sandra wanted to repeat an intimate moment with him, but something went wrong.

Sandra Bullock and Meryl Streep

Who really liked kissing girls is Sandra Bullock. All in the same 2010, during the presentation of the Critics Guild Awards, the actress passionately kissed Meryl Streep right on stage.

The self-willed and characteristic Streep could well have slapped for such a slap in the face, but this did not happen. Perhaps she, too, liked such an emotional outburst. By the way, later Bullock admitted that the Oscar-winning actress is just great kissing.

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