The Woman Became The Record Holder For Catching Wedding Bouquets

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The Woman Became The Record Holder For Catching Wedding Bouquets
The Woman Became The Record Holder For Catching Wedding Bouquets

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A resident of the Moscow region, according to her words, set a world record for the number of wedding bouquets caught - there are already 52 items in her collection, and in the next wedding season the girl expects to bring this figure to sixty!


The very first

- I was 14 years old then, - Anastasia Sotnikova recalls, smiling. - A cousin got married. The wedding at that time was gorgeous, tents outside the city, the bride in a luxurious dress, with a wonderful bouquet of white lilies. I just got dizzy from this magnificence. And then I was deeply in love with a boy alone. I thought that our wedding would be just as good with him, especially if I caught the bridal bouquet. Well, she darted after him like a cat, caught him in a jump. I was engaged in basketball then, so it cost nothing to bypass the clumsy heels on the heels. And how they ran up at me later, they say, where are you climbing, sikilyavka! Then, probably, I woke up with a sports passion for wedding bouquets. I decided - everyone will be mine!

Since then, Nastya has managed to grow up, learn to be a dressmaker-cutter, get a job in one of the prestigious Moscow ateliers, which, among other things, sews to order and customizes wedding dresses. Nastya goes about her business with great passion, dreams of becoming a fashion designer for newlyweds and, of course, does not miss a single wedding of friends and relatives. Often, customers are invited to celebrations, who see how much effort she puts into her outfits. - At the height of the season, I sometimes manage to attend two weddings in one evening, - says Nastya. - And I also have my own method of how not to miss the bouquet: you need to stand to the right of the bride, a little closer than other competitors, and get ready for a dash. Comfortable shoes are very important - so that people are not ashamed to go out and do not interfere with jumping. But all the same, the bouquet can fly away anywhere. I had to get it from the chandelier and from the cornice. But I was ahead of everyone!

Herbarium for good luck

Nastya even managed to attend three overseas weddings - in Cyprus, in Prague and on the island of Phuket in Thailand, where Russian couples went to celebrations, in accordance with the pre-crisis fashion.

- In Cyprus, I severely injured my leg - I slipped on a marble platform, - Anastasia recalls. “Cracked ankle, I returned home on crutches, but not empty-handed!” And proudly demonstrates a branch of dry hydrangea.

- In Thailand, the stuffiness was terrible, but I brought the most exotic bouquet from there, of multi-colored hibiscus. Most of all I liked Prague, everything was like in an old fairy tale, however, the tulips quickly crumbled. Nastya carefully keeps her trophies: dry roses, gerberas, calla lilies, orchids, eustoma - they seem to still keep the smell of someone else's happiness.

But how did it happen that a charming girl who has been dreaming of marriage since the age of 14 is still lonely?

- Many people laugh at me, - Nastya shrugs. - They think I'm a failure, and I catch bouquets out of envy of brides. Like I don't get married myself, and I deprive others of a chance, snatching flowers from under my nose. They spread gossip, as if I bring misfortune, I even had to delete my pages in social networks - so much negativity was poured on me there! In fact, I am a lucky talisman. After all, I communicate with couples whose weddings I have attended. And there are very few divorces, only five or six, although now more than half of the couples scatter almost in the first year. Yes, and I have enough guys, I rarely go to weddings alone, usually with a gentleman. It’s more decent. Some people think that I am obsessed with marriage and shun me, others do not like it myself. When you see so many cool weddings, so many happy brides and handsome grooms, the bar goes up! I just don't need a husband for show.And I want a wedding, like a real princess, although for now, of course, I look more like Cinderella. I take the train to work from the "Zamkadye", - smiles Nastya. - But I will definitely find my prince, I'm stubborn. Or maybe he will read your newspaper - and he will show up himself!

Bitter, Guinness

American Jamie Jackson from Salt Lake City (USA) caught the bridal bouquet 46 times. Since 1996, Jamie has attended 100 weddings, where she caught her trophies. Her hobby began with a hobby and gradually turned into a personal sport. At the same time, she is not married and, according to her, is not very keen on going there. As documentary evidence of her record, Jamie has collected photographs in which she is depicted with bouquets, and is now going to apply to the Guinness Book of Records. The previous record was registered in 2004, it was set by American Stephanie Moniac from Pennsylvania, who caught only 11 bridal bouquets.

27 dresses

Catching bridal bouquets is not the only hobby associated with weddings. There are many women and even men in the world who collect various wedding paraphernalia, invitations, pictures, orange blossom, autographs of brides and grooms. This hobby became the plot for the film "27 Weddings", which was released in screens in 2008. The heroine of the actress Katherine Heigl attended 27 weddings as a bridesmaid before she got married.

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