Bari Alibasov Jr.: "Dad Thinks How He Can Go To The Next World With Maximum Honors And Celebrations"

Bari Alibasov Jr.: "Dad Thinks How He Can Go To The Next World With Maximum Honors And Celebrations"
Bari Alibasov Jr.: "Dad Thinks How He Can Go To The Next World With Maximum Honors And Celebrations"

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The son of the producer told what happens to his father a week before the divorce


Yesterday a court hearing took place in the case of Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina's apartment in New Moscow, which she handed over to Bari Alibasov. The actress and her daughter Olga said that they intend to return the housing, since the People's Artist, at the time of signing the documents, thought that she was drawing up a will, and not a deed of gift. However, the son of Bari Alibasov is sure that Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina is disingenuous. At the same time, he himself is against his father's marriage and wants the spouses to divorce as soon as possible, which he told about.

A divorce hearing is scheduled on the 29th. I insist that my father divorced, - Bari Jr. shared his thoughts. - No, I am not against him loving Lida and accepting her love, if such exists, and he is not just a potential sponsor of her old age. I don't mind them staying together. I just think that if their relationship is based on pure love, why do they need marriage? Let them provide each other with old age, let them kiss, have mercy and get high. But since there are forces that see in this story a way of enriching themselves by obtaining Alibasov's property, I am categorically against this marriage. I can't stomach Lydia Nikolaevna and I think that she is a deceitful woman who is looking for benefits exclusively for herself, using husbands, children and everyone else, and just wants to live in comfort herself. Therefore, I believe that Lydia Nikolaevna and her daughter Olga in this marriage see the possibility of receiving Bari Alibasov's inheritance, which is about 62.5 million rubles. I am a fairly wealthy person, and in my life my father's inheritance will not really solve anything: if I become richer, it is insignificant. But the most serious thing I'm afraid of is my father's life. Therefore, although I don’t digest Lydia Nikolaevna, I don’t get into my father’s personal life. If he wants to have sex with her, spend time with her discussing the philosophical treatises of Kant or Nietzsche, let him do it. But without the risk of harming our family. Therefore, until September 29, I will categorically drown for divorce.

- Your position is clear. And what does Bari Karimovich say about this?

- He thinks. And now he is also thinking about how he can go to the next world with maximum honors and celebrations, so that the whole country will remember him as a great hero. But I tell him: “Dad, if you want your son to remember you as a great hero, be kind, die so that your inheritance is meaningful. Because the money you have earned in your entire life is of little value to me, despite the fact that you beat yourself in the chest, calling yourself not only a great producer and talented musician, but also an entrepreneur. " But as an entrepreneur, I have done more in my 35 years than my father in my 73. And still, I believe that my father should not organize his happy old age at my expense. Let him do it without official marriage.

- But we all know that, on the contrary, Shukshina's apartment was transferred to Alibasov. Moreover, Lydia Nikolaevna says that she did not sign the deed, but thought that she was signing documents on the transfer of inheritance

- She's lying. Lida is a very cunning woman. Why am I about her and say that I do not like her and I do not digest her. Dad, by the way, is convinced that she is under Olga's influence. And I am convinced that Olga is under her influence. And after a recent program where I saw Lida, I realized that it was not Olga who was a scoundrel, but her mother was manipulating her.Lida wants to get the maximum benefit for herself and her kind from this marriage. Therefore, I see just a mercantile person who wants to receive a part of her father's inheritance. I don't see anything else in Lida at the moment.

What does she want? Don't ruin your relationship with your father. Therefore, on the programs she hugs him, kisses him and says that she loves. And she also needs to maintain a relationship with her daughter, who fulfills all her needs. But since Lida knows that within the framework of the court this apartment will definitely remain with her father, she is putting on a play in front of her daughter. And in this way he maintains a relationship with everyone. All these stories with the apartment for her are just a tool to manipulate the father and daughter in their own interests. She personally does not tell her dad: "Give me the apartment." Lida never raises this topic. Although she asked her father to accept this apartment as a gift, she said: “I love you,” while on all other channels she says that this is a fraud, because her daughter asks her about it. Lida says to her: “Everything is for you.” And to dad she says: “Well, I just have such a daughter, you yourself know. Well, all the same, according to the court, the apartment cannot be taken away from you. And regardless of the court I will love you. " Thus, Lida is trying to sit on two chairs, and I despise such people.

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