Marina Anisina, Lolita Milyavskaya And Other Women With A Non-standard Personal Life

Marina Anisina, Lolita Milyavskaya And Other Women With A Non-standard Personal Life
Marina Anisina, Lolita Milyavskaya And Other Women With A Non-standard Personal Life

Video: Marina Anisina, Lolita Milyavskaya And Other Women With A Non-standard Personal Life

Video: Marina Anisina, Lolita Milyavskaya And Other Women With A Non-standard Personal Life
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Almost all of us have a crazy person. In small doses, it can be considered a highlight that grabs the attention of others and creates personality. And what will happen if there is too much of it, we find out on the example of women from the world of show business.

Marina Anisina and Nikita Dzhigurda

When the fiery beauty Anisina married the extravagant Dzhigurda, society was divided into two camps. Perhaps no one remained indifferent. Some admired the bright couple, others were terrified. Among the latter were the parents of the Olympic champion, with whom she quarreled to pieces and did not submit to their will. There were different men at the feet of the young beauty, but she chose the one who growled in a terrible voice, called her "Goddess ANIS" and posted the birth of their mini-gods on the Web. Since then, Marina has followed Nikita, not being afraid of occult rites in her home and supporting him in scandals and hoaxes that bring a certain kind of glory to the couple. Husband and wife are one Satan, and these two are the best illustration of this.

Larisa Kopenkina and Prokhor Chaliapin

The whole country followed the relationship between Larisa Kopenkina and Prokhor Chaliapin, because the difference between them is almost 30 years. It seems that the singer was blinded by the brightness of an entrepreneur who knows exactly how to get everything from life and does exactly what she pleases. Just as categorically, she once announced their separation. “Run in the rain, don't be afraid to eat after 6 or 12, wake up smiling, live in love and harmony with yourself,” advises this sparkling 62-year-old lady who seems to be on a new search.

Natalia Shevel and Ivan Krasko

A young shy woman who once decided to become an actress is not as simple as it seems at first glance. 26-year-old Natasha writes poetry and paints stunning portraits, participates in productions - in general, she works tirelessly. And she is also madly in love with her 86-year-old husband Ivan Krasko, who, feeling what an uncut diamond he got at one of the lectures, fell in love like a boy and proposed to Natalia. This woman-fire will still show herself, mark our word. In the meantime, without hesitation, she reveals the intimate secrets of married life in a small room.

Catwoman and Lloyd Klein

Outrageous socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein is 71 years old. Her face suffered from the actions of plastic surgeons who indulged her irrepressible desire to become more beautiful. But "Catwoman", as she was nicknamed for her quirky new face, is not discouraged. Now, according to foreign media reports, she is preparing for a wedding with 50-year-old American designer Lloyd Klein. A wealthy groom presented his lady of the heart with a 32-carat diamond ring. He is not even afraid of how she broke up with her former life partner - after 14 years of relationship, in December last year, a woman hit him in the chest with scissors.

Lolita Milyavskaya and Dmitry Ivanov

53-year-old singer Lolita Milyavskaya, if it seems strange to someone, then only not to herself. She is not ashamed of her body, is able to put on a “pterodactyl costume” for 890 rubles, does not hide plastic surgeries and shows an excellent example to many of her followers - how to spit on all conventions and be happy here and now. Her husband, 41-year-old fitness trainer Dmitry Ivanov, has been supporting his wife in everything for more than seven years, traveling with her, presenting her with bouquets of flowers and gifts, and even resigned himself to her unwillingness to have children.

Mariah Carey and her ex

Legendary singer Mariah Carey is one of the few sad examples of women with "howoot such a twist". Once fans cried over her hit "My all", and now they mourn the diva's uncomplicated personal life. Not so long ago, Australian billionaire James Packer was attracted by her bohemian lifestyle, revealing outfits and nude photo shoots, but he also suffered from them. His attempts to change the lifestyle of his beloved turned her life into hell, and even 33-year-old toy-boy Brian Tanaka, who was next to the singer after her separation from her fiancé, could not make her happier. The media are savoring the artist's new weight, and fans want her to find her man.

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