Sex With Spices. How Not To Get Bored In Bed With Your Beloved?

Sex With Spices. How Not To Get Bored In Bed With Your Beloved?
Sex With Spices. How Not To Get Bored In Bed With Your Beloved?

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People are so arranged that even the most magnificent sex with the most beloved and suitable partner becomes boring over time. What if you have lived with your loved one for many years, treasure him immensely and in no case want to risk your relationship, but at the same time perceive him in bed as a beloved, but memorized, and therefore not such an interesting book? Is it possible to maintain a relationship and not get bored in bed? Our answer is that variety in sex is possible! You just need to be aware of the obvious circumstance: even the brightest fire gradually dies out, if you do not constantly throw firewood into it. So let's think about what kind of firewood should be thrown into the fire of sexual relations so that we have enough warmth for a long time.


I want variety in sex: From theory to practice

No matter how trite this advice may sound at first glance, if you feel that you are not doing well with your loved one in the intimate sphere, you should not arrogantly reject the invaluable experience that civilizations have accumulated over the millennia that have specialized in pleasing the flesh. Therefore, if you sincerely love your partner, are faithful to him, but at the same time feel that your bed holidays are turning into bed days, do not be lazy: go to the bookstore. Books such as the Kama Sutra, Peach Branches or textbooks for studying Tantra and Tao can be of great help.

You don't have to go deep into the jungle of Tantric and Taoist philosophy to add variety to sex, although they are incredibly interesting. Glean from these books the main recipe: both the ancient Indian Tantra and its ancient Chinese modification of the Tao with very specific and quite simply stated tips for controlling your body will help to translate a purely physiological orgasm into a sensation of a completely different level - that is, into an ecstatic state of the body, mind and soul, merged together. This is true harmony - and what, if not harmony, do we strive for in a relationship with a loved one both in bed and outside of it? If you can put this great theory into practice, then fantastic sex like this is unthinkable. Moreover, they get used to it as a highly effective drug, and you and your partner no longer have a question about the loss of novelty, excessive predictability, inevitable betrayal and other intimate problems. Don't believe me? Check it out! Tantra advises: While experiencing an orgasm, look into each other's eyes. The look of a partner in these seconds can tell you more than volumes of love letters, armfuls of roses and other traditional attributes of love confessions.

Breathe deeply. Feeling the imminent onset of orgasm, many reflexively hold their breath and strain all the muscles of the body. And you try to completely relax, breathe deeply and slowly, do not rush the onset of orgasm - and it will be much more intense.

Kiss your partner on the lips, not as a foreplay or after sex, but directly during intercourse. Physiologists say that a huge number of nerve endings are concentrated in the lips, and Tantra adds that the lips are one large erogenous zone.

Make love with your clothes on. Sometimes small areas of a naked body, only for a moment opened to the eye, excite much more than absolute nudity. Kamasutra advises: Bring maximum variety to your intimate life. Literally one or two poses may be perfect for you, but this is not a reason to give up all the others! It is important to try, search, experiment with poses and movements, and you yourself will determine those that give you the most pleasant sensations with a minimum of discomfort.

Train your pelvic floor muscles, and most importantly, your vagina. With the help of rhythmic contractions of these muscles, you can not only literally drive your partner crazy, but also provide yourself with a whole palette of new sensations.

In addition to the muscles in the vagina, do not forget about the other muscles. For sex to be unforgettable, both partners must be in good physical shape. Otherwise, they may simply not endure a night without sleep.

Erotic play does not have to develop into sex - at least in the traditional European sense of the word. Everything may well be limited to kisses - but such that you will remember them long hours later. Oh horror: we are going to a sex shop It would be a mistake to think that everything we need for sex is a priori given to us by nature itself. The main thing - of course, but this main one also sometimes needs help, prevention or even repair. It is then that additional "materials and tools" come into play, for which you can go, do not be alarmed, to the store with the shocking name "sex shop". But psychologists are already convincing us: the customers of "shops for lovers", and this is what it would be worth calling them, are not perverts or maniacs at all, but normal modern people who do not suffer from complexes and strive to bring themselves and their halves maximum joy. Yes, we do not argue, there you can buy more than shocking and not suitable for everyone, but in addition to these, there are many products in the sex shop that will be useful to any normal couple, even the most traditional and conservative.

Tips for sex shop goers for variety in their intimate life To start, look at relatively innocent products - such as scented lubricants and specially shaped condoms that heighten the sensation. Aphrodisiacs deserve special attention - about drugs that increase libido. Oddly enough, there is nothing particularly magical about them - as well as harmful or addictive. Their basis is simply vitamins, mainly A and E, which promote the production of sex hormones. They also contain adaptogens that relieve fatigue - for example, ginseng or eleutherococcus, succinic acid, mild stimulants such as caffeine, as well as extracts of tropical plants - muira puama, damiana, guarana, yohimbe, or exotic insects such as the famous Spanish fly.

Among the stimulants, there are drugs intended only for women, only for men, as well as general action. Try it - the result will not be long in coming, and it is absolutely not necessary to do it when the sexual function begins to fade away. Even at the peak of sexual performance, a properly selected aphrosidiac will simply add new experiences - especially when paired with a loved one in a romantic, exciting environment.

Shyly averting your eyes from dildos of various sizes, some completely cosmic vibrators, intricate pumps of unknown purpose and other frank things, you will soon realize that there is nothing terrible or shameful about them either. Take, for example, dildos that are so shocking in their naturalism. The sales assistant serving you will explain without any vulgarity and overly playful hints that this device is just a godsend for a man prone to premature ejaculation, as well as for a woman suffering from prolapse of the uterus. But even if you don't have this kind of problem, a dildo can be a cool toy in the right hands, bringing freshness and novelty to sex play.

In today's advanced times, even teenagers know that clitoral stimulation is one of the most important elements of love play, and the sex shop will offer you another wonderful and very useful toy: the clitoral stimulator.By the way, it is very good as a kind of test simulator, manipulations with which will allow you to study the sexual reactions of your partner and add amazing impressions during even the most traditional intimacy.

Having persuaded yourself to go to a sex shop, in no case do not hesitate to consult with the seller. Believe me, there is nothing shocking and vulgar in this conversation. Do you ask a salesperson at a hardware, grocery or shoe store for advice? The store for lovers is essentially no different from any other, and the staff is there not only to facilitate your wallet, but also to help you make the right purchase. And most importantly, when going to a sex shop, remember: there is nothing unlawful between two loving people if it is a joy to both partners. The bed is a last resort Have you learned some theoretical skills and tried them out in practice? We advise you to experiment with the geography of love. Do not be alarmed, we are not talking about going to the North Pole to love each other on the permafrost, risking frostbite members and organs actively involved in sex. For starters, you can just go on an erotic journey through your own apartment, but don't get hung up on the bedroom - although it will come to that. Start with kissing somewhere in the hallway, then move to the kitchen and allow yourself to be undressed, then slip out of the impatient arms of your lover and lure him into the bath. But you never know in the apartment of good, secluded and, most importantly, unexpected places! A dining table or a wide window sill, a carpet on the floor in the living room or an old piano, and at least a loggia - if it is properly glazed, because ardent love on an ordinary balcony can gather too large an audience of interested passers-by. Sexologists say that the effect of the old place just provokes addiction, but the effect of the new place, on the contrary, brings fresh sensations.

Topographer's tips: Have you mastered the whole apartment? Well, then it's time to start romantic forays into the world around you. For a start, you can just go to visit. Ardent teenagers would also find a place to bring the merger to the final result on a visit, but since we are now talking about respectable adults, it is not at all necessary to secretly make love with friends in the toilet. But the secret, unobtrusive petting under the cover of a long tablecloth - why not. You will come home in an agitated state, and there no one will bother you.

Petting is very good in restaurants with separate offices. Between the arrival of the waiter, you will have enough time for each other - if not for the process itself, then at least for mutual excitement. Believe me, the walls of such restaurants have seen everything, so the staff there is well trained and will not interfere with you at the most crucial moment. Again, no one calls on an adult couple to secretly arouse each other in the opera house, but in the darkness of the cinema - why not.

If you have the opportunity to spend a weekend in a forest tent or in a banal rest house, this also greatly diversifies the established sexual relations, and even a joint vacation somewhere in warm regions is the best doping for a dormant passion. So expand the geography of your love, and this old proven method will certainly refresh your sexual relationship.

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