What The Boyfriends Of The Most Famous Victoria's Secret "angels" Look Like

What The Boyfriends Of The Most Famous Victoria's Secret "angels" Look Like
What The Boyfriends Of The Most Famous Victoria's Secret "angels" Look Like

Juan David Borrero (boyfriend of Jasmine Tux)


Jasmine chose a man to match herself: tall, handsome, but not from the modeling business. Beloved Tux is the senior manager of Collaboration at Snapchat. They started dating in 2016 and have been inseparable ever since.

Metin Hara (boyfriend of Adriana Lima)

Adriana Lima's fans still don't understand what she found in the Turkish writer Metine Hara. Fans believe that this ordinary-looking young man is not at all a couple of one of the most spectacular models in the entire history of the Victoria's Secret brand. But love is love.

They met in early June last year in Turkey, where Lima flew to participate in the show. The novel developed rapidly, many were even sure that Metin was about to propose to his beloved. But this has not happened yet. By the way, recently Adriana stopped publishing full-length pictures on social networks, from which the journalists immediately concluded that the model was pregnant. Maybe, really, the wedding is just around the corner?

Hermann Nicoli (fiancé Candice Swanepoel)

Hermann and Candice met early in their careers at a casting in Paris. Baby Candice was then only 17, and her lover was 20 years old. They fell in love with each other almost at first sight. In 2015, Nicoli proposed to the girl, and a year later they had a son, Anak. Now Candice is expecting her second child. The baby will be born very soon.

Kevin Trapp (boyfriend of Isabelle Goulard)

The couple Kevin Trapp and Isabelle Gular are often said to be as beautiful as gods. And indeed it is. Kevin is a German footballer, goalkeeper of the French club Paris Saint-Germain and the German national team. A football career obliges you to maintain yourself in ideal sports form, in fact, in this they are similar to Isabelle. The lovers met in 2016, and since then Gular has not missed a single match with her boyfriend.

Oliver Rimpley (fiancé of Sarah Sampaio)

Oliver and Sarah have been dating since 2015 and intend to get married. Fans of the model are sure that Rimpley is the perfect option for a girl like her. He is handsome, successful, and madly in love. Oliver is the founder and CEO of Ocean Group, a business start-up and startup company. Many consider his relationship with Sampaio to be his most successful startup.

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