Lovebird Clones

Lovebird Clones
Lovebird Clones

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: 1500+ Lovebirds Pair Farm Visit 2023, February

Anna and Artyom Anisimov, married for 1 year and 6 months


“We often hear compliments in our address:“What a lovely couple. What kind of children will be beautiful,”Anna shares. - Our relationship began with friendship - we met 8 years ago while visiting our fourth cousin. For a long time we talked together in a friendly way, but there was always a spark between us and Artyom.

We matured, and the spark grew into something more. It is curious that when meeting the parents, they did not immediately notice the similarity. Now, after a while, they note that every day we are more and more alike. The secret to a happy marriage? I can say that it is not only about looks. Some say that opposites attract, others - on the contrary, in love, all laws work."

Olesya Rakunova and Dmitry Kogtenev, together for 11 years

“The most interesting thing is that Dima, my husband, has a twin sister, they tell us that we are sisters, and when the three of us are all confused,” says Olesya. - Is our meeting destiny? Yes, but it has nothing to do with appearance. I am an astropsychologist and I know for sure that fate is when there are karmic positions in horoscopes. We met by correspondence, were colleagues, working in the same company in different cities.

I wrote a letter at work, I had to send a mailing list to a group of people, and by mistake I sent it only to him, and this is how our love began from the first letter. We saw each other two months later, and immediately realized that we would be together."

Nastya Chuprova and Akram Salimov, together for 2 years

“I have noticed more than once that in many couples a guy and a girl are similar to each other like brother and sister,” says Nastya. - Is it fate? I am more inclined to believe that people on a subconscious level are looking for a partner similar to themselves or their parent. But I consider our acquaintance fate. As the saying goes, we were both "in the right place at the right time." It was 2 years ago - I studied at the NSTU, and he was at the medical university.

I was asked to play basketball for the faculty, I didn’t want to go, I tried to excuse myself with a bunch of things, but since there was no one else to play, and for participation they offered an "automatic" in physical education, I still agreed. I came to the game, changed my clothes and went to my team. When I walked through the stadium, I felt a gaze. I wondered, I turned around and saw a young man who was smiling at me. Throughout the game, he looked at me, we constantly looked at each other, smiled at each other, the game did not go at all, I could not even concentrate on the ball.

After the game, he came up, we got to know each other, got to talking. It turned out that he was not from my university and also happened to be at the game by accident, at the request of a friend. Here is such a non-accidental meeting. We are not often told about similarities, but our parents immediately saw something in common in us."

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