Strange And Controversial Sexual Deviations

Strange And Controversial Sexual Deviations
Strange And Controversial Sexual Deviations

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With the exception of the most common sexual deviations, there are other diseases that no one wants to face. However, some citizens with such violations have to live.


A congenital problem called diphallia occurs once in 5 million boys. A very rare genetic disorder, during which the stronger sex has two penises. Often, after the birth of a child with diphallia, parents decide to remove one of the "advantages" by surgery. However, in 2014, a book called "Two-Headed" was published from an author who decided to hide his name. In the work, the writer tells about his life with several genitals, since at birth his parents did not dare to have an operation. The author notes that life with diphallia practically does not differ from ordinary life, and its two members function equally.

Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome

Persistent sexual arousal syndrome is also considered a severe and rare ailment. At the moment, only a few dozen such disorders have been recorded in the world, but scientists believe that there are many more. Often, women suffer from the syndrome of incessant excitement, who do not always dare to contact a specialist with a problem. In 2014, a man turned to doctors with this ailment, but scientists still do not know what the syndrome can be caused by. As 33-year-old Canadian resident Kelly admits, she is constantly on the verge of orgasm, but this is not at all fun, because then it is impossible to sleep or think calmly, and the orgasm itself can happen anywhere and anytime.


Priapism is considered to be an intense and prolonged erection in men, which has no connection with sexual desire. Often, citizens with an ailment can feel severe pain, and an erection does not go away for about 4 hours. Scientists note that if you do not go to the doctor with this problem, then after a day the genital organ may receive irreversible damage. As a result of priapism, penile gangrene can occur and in this case, the genital organ will need to be removed. The causes of the disease, doctors call some blood diseases and neurological abnormalities.

Doubling of the uterus

A fairly large number of cases of complete or partial doubling of the uterus have been recorded in the world. Often, these women have several uterus, and the vagina, in turn, is divided by a membrane, one of which is larger than the other. It happens that one entrance to the uterus is completely blocked. Despite the deviation, women living with him give birth to healthy offspring, and more than 70 successful births from citizens with a double uterus have already been described in the world.


Sexomnia is considered a mental disorder, during which a person is not aware of the actions during sleep and actually has sex on an unconscious level. More often men suffer from this ailment than women, and an official medical report stating that the defendant suffers from sexomy can drop the rape charges.


Vaginismus is an involuntary contraction of the pubococcygeal muscle, during which any penetration into the vagina for a woman will become painful or impossible. Often, vaginismus develops after an unsuccessful first intercourse and is a psychological disorder. Treatment for vaginismus can be highly individualized.


Hypersexual people have an obsessive desire to have sex with someone.Sufferers of this ailment cannot control their behavior and often offer sex even to those they do not like. Often, hypersexuality does not lead to sexual arousal and is an absolutely mental disorder. For example, hypersexual women do not release lubricant during bouts of the disease, and only specialists will help to solve the problem. Support groups, similar to Alcoholics Anonymous, where a person can be helped to cope with hypersexuality are also common.

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