Bridesmaids Reveal Unexpected Truth About Weddings

Bridesmaids Reveal Unexpected Truth About Weddings
Bridesmaids Reveal Unexpected Truth About Weddings

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Girls who have ever acted as bridesmaids shared the unexpected discoveries they made during their duties. They shared their stories on Reddit.


The friends described the quirks of the brides, which they did not know about during their years of friendship. One of the brides, a blonde, asked her friend to dye her hair a dark shade, since all the other bridesmaids were brunettes, and she wanted to be the only blonde among them.

“I chose to just give up my bridesmaid seat,” wrote a user with the nickname kmmurky.

She was pleased, as it later turned out that the dress cost the bridesmaids an amount equivalent to a month's salary.

Requiring the bride to dye her hair a different color turned out to be quite common. Hotel_girl985 says that in her case, the bride asked 16 girls to be repainted, whom she chose as bridesmaids at the wedding. In addition, she decided to choose dresses of different styles and shades of blue for all of them, but nothing came of it. Girlfriends were required to pay for a week-long party in Vegas, after which her friends began to doubt their desire to act as girlfriends. In total, the cost of the wedding per person, excluding the gift, was more than two thousand dollars.

Sometimes brides' requests in the process of preparing for the wedding ruin a long-term friendship. For example, MommaBearJam says that her friend became engaged to a young man shortly after she was diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy. The wedding was scheduled to take place in a year and a half, and the bride-to-be asked her friend not to get pregnant yet, so as not to ruin the wedding in case of a miscarriage. Since then, they have not communicated.

“My father had the audacity to die six weeks before the wedding, and she (the bride) could not understand why this event overshadowed her wedding chores for me,” recalls J-squire.

Another user remembered how her friend demoted her as a bridesmaid after she lost weight shortly before the wedding. The girl explains that this happened due to the fact that the newly-made wife wanted to appear thin.

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