Game And Sex: 12 Original Games To Try In Bed

Game And Sex: 12 Original Games To Try In Bed
Game And Sex: 12 Original Games To Try In Bed

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A great way to diversify your sex is to start with a game! In the process, both of you will surely want to continue so that you will remember this night for a long time. Here are a selection of great games with a touch of eroticism to suit every moment.



1. Ero-twister

What you need: the game "Twister".

How to play: according to the usual rules, throwing the dice and stepping on the desired field with your hands and feet. Anyone who does not work - takes off a piece of clothing. A great way to test your flexibility and possibly come up with new poses.

2. Hat

What you need: any hat, pieces of paper, a pen or pencil.

How to play: write on pieces of paper your fantasies (sex in a specific place, a new position or action), put it in a hat, mix it, take it out in a random order - and make it happen! The game is especially suitable for those who are shy about discussing fantasies out loud.

3. Masquerade

What you need: a box with items hinting at different professions and roles. For example, a construction helmet, a dust brush, a syringe

How to play: get the object without looking and try this role on yourself, taking into account the sexual overtones.

4. Time bomb

What you need: an hourglass or a timer.

How to play: set, for example, 10 or 20 minutes. At this time, you can kiss, hug, stroke each other, but not move on to the sex itself. Many couples forget the importance of good foreplay, which is a great way to remember how to slowly arouse each other to make sex even more enjoyable.

5. Blind cat

What you need: a scarf or a headband.

How to play: blindfold him. Then you can touch him in different places - and let him try to catch your hand. Or put him on the bed and caress him. Turning off vision sharpens other senses and helps to liberate. Then switch roles!

6. Prisoner

What you need: 4 pairs of handcuffs, available from a sex shop.

How to play: Have him chain your arms and legs to the bed posts. If this is not possible, you can go to her legs or tie your arms above your head and legs together. You will be in the center of attention and at the same time you will not be able to touch it yourself. Then change.

7. Maps

What you need: a deck of cards.

How to play: Assign an action to each suit. For example, hearts - kisses, tambourines - caresses with hands, clubs - hugs, spades - oral sex. Then draw on the card and do this for as many seconds as indicated on it (the denomination of the highest cards is determined by yourself). For the advanced, seconds can be replaced by minutes.

8. Pillow fights

What you need: pillows.

How To Play: This is a real pillow fight! The loser fulfills the winner's sexual desire. You can start in clothes and undress.

9. Honey caresses

What you need: Honey (or other suitable food, you can use a flavored lubricant).

How to play: Apply drops of honey to the areas he needs to kiss, gradually moving towards the most erogenous places.

10. Surprise

What you need: a clean bag, your sex toys.

How to play: With a collection of toys, it's pretty easy to forget about some for a long time. And if you pull them out without looking and immediately apply - everyone will find a job. Particularly interesting parts of the game are when he pulls a woman's toy, and you pulls a man's.

11. Cold - hot

What you need: nothing!

How to play: Guess the part of the body he should kiss and say "warmer" or "colder" while he tries to guess by kissing other places.

12. Mirror

What you need: nothing!

How to play: the leader does something with a partner, and he must repeat the same with him. Then switch roles. A great way to show what you want without saying a word.

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