Sati Casanova: Cheating A Man Is Not The Worst Thing That Can Be In Life

Sati Casanova: Cheating A Man Is Not The Worst Thing That Can Be In Life
Sati Casanova: Cheating A Man Is Not The Worst Thing That Can Be In Life

Video: Sati Casanova: Cheating A Man Is Not The Worst Thing That Can Be In Life

Video: Sati Casanova: Cheating A Man Is Not The Worst Thing That Can Be In Life
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More than two years have passed since the last meeting of Angelica Raj with Sati Casanova. Now Sati is a married woman, she calls her ethnic project the main business of her life. Is she happily married? Why do journalists write that the artist has become a victim of sectarians? What brought Sati to a deep mental crisis? The singer told about all this in the program "Oh, Mommy!" on the Mir TV channel.


Angelica Raj: On your Instagram, you posted a post about 11 unusual facts about yourself. I will read one of them: “I can be very tough and even cruel. Some harsh punisher lives in me - another shadow side of me. Tell us in more detail what is it about?

Sati Casanova: This is exactly what I do not show to the outside world. People have the impression that I'm all so feminine, elegant, so kind, almost saint. No, it’s not like that. There is such a monster in me. Simply, first of all, why show it to everyone. Secondly, I work with this quality. I am in pain myself, but I have people under my command. It used to be very tough, now it is less and less frequent, but all the same - if a person makes a mistake, I, as an inquisitor, get my head off my shoulders!

Angelica Raj: You took your sister as a producer and fired her two months later.

Sati Casanova: There was a reason. At the same time, I want to note that I do not offend unfairly. There are certain situations in which I behave this way, react this way. I do this for a reason. But, on the other hand, there is an opinion that love and mercy are higher than justice. And my task is to reach another level of understanding.

Angelica Raj: 2.5 years have passed since our last meeting, and during this time your life has changed dramatically, hasn't it?

Sati Casanova: I was not married then and, in my opinion, did not even know my husband yet. Or maybe she knew, but did not know that he would be my husband. I met him in October 2016, but it was just an acquaintance. The second meeting, at which something stirred up in us, was in February 2017.

Angelica Raj: Tell us about your man.

Sati Casanova: He is wonderful, I miss him so much now. He is honest, he is pure, he is noble, he is kind, he is handsome, he is talented.

Angelica Raj: How does Stefano feel about the fact that you are doing yoga, esotericism?

Sati Casanova: He is very good at this, moreover, he practices yoga, the same meditation techniques, studies the same culture, he is a vegetarian, just like me. So we are on the same wavelength in this sense. There is nothing sectarian here, as journalists like to write. This is the philosophy of life - you live wanting to leave something better behind you. I practice meditative yoga - atma kriya yoga. Atma means soul, kriya means action, purification. Aeroyoga is an interesting thing, very beautiful.

Angelica Raj: Spirituality is often led by terrible trials. What events happened in your life that you came to the spiritual path?

Sati Casanova: Nothing as terrible as you say. I had a crisis and emptiness due to changes in my life. I then left the Fabrika group, it was 2010-2011, it was very difficult to part with a man with whom, thank God, the relationship did not go deeply, the wedding did not happen. I could hear my heart that I do not love him. Those were “bloody” relationships for me, because I deceived myself and betrayed myself all the way. It is said that there is no crime worse than betraying oneself, than lying to oneself, hypocrisy to oneself. I got out of this for a long time, after which there was a big revaluation of everything in my life. I was very disappointed in show business as such, in relationships as such. People are trying to grab each other, master each other - I was only in such a relationship then, when they try to master, control, and in show business you also belong to someone, to something. Some rules, songs that you don't like, but you sing them, everywhere you betray yourself. I thought: "Fuck it all to hell." And she began to chop off all this.

Angelica Raj: When you worked in the Fabrika group, you earned very large royalties. If now Igor Matvienko again suggested that you return to the group or create something similar, would you never go?

Sati Casanova: No way and never. I am insanely grateful and respectful to Igor Igorevich and the girls from the Fabrika group. But for the last six or seven years I have been living with the Sati Ethnika project, this is the project for which I give up popular music.

Angelica Raj: Now it's much easier to write light, groovy music, which will immediately enter the audience, and you have gone into a kind of underground, into the backstage. This music is not for everyone.

Sati Casanova: Yes, I agree, this music is not for everyone. Until. You know, there were such projects as Enigma, Deep Forest, they also probably started out as something not for everyone, but they still gained a world name. I see my project on the world stage, this is not only about Russia - he will return to Russia later, you will see, and he will return differently. He needs to explode in the West - in the sense of success - and then he will return to Russia. This is music that is eternal, not even our century, because it contains the sacred meaning of ancient mantras, old folk songs. This is something that will never die. This is what makes up all the salt, the whole base of human culture.

Angelica Raj: Sati, tell me, where are you doing your genuine leather handbags, fur coats?

Sati Casanova: Fur coats, I handed out everything that was made of fur. There are still bags and shoes too. I have a huge number of relatives, I send everything to the Caucasus.

Angelica Raj: There were a lot of rumors about your romance with rich men. Do you regret these connections?

Sati Casanova: I don't regret anything. At that time, I liked certain conditions, respectively, and there were such events. Now I would not choose what I chose then.

Angelica Raj: Now you could safely take a man away, knowing that he is married?

Sati Casanova: First of all, I never took anyone away. This is very important to note. There was such a tendency that I liked adult men who took place. But, as a rule, such men are married. Am I the only woman like that in our country or in the world? Of course not. I just had the courage to talk about it - and, you see, without shame and regret. And why should I be ashamed and regretful when these are pure feelings with pure intentions, when there was not even a drop of intention to harm someone, to take someone away.

Angelica Raj: But for these actions you were condemned.

Sati Casanova: Let them look at their lives, let them condemn themselves, not me.

Angelica Raj: If Stefano, God forbid, of course, confessed to you in treason. What would you do?

Sati Casanova: It's hard for me to talk about this now, because this person is so honest, transparent and ethical inside that it seems impossible to me. But in life, absolutely everything is possible. I would like me to have enough wisdom even for such an act of his, for such a confession of him to react without a global drama and forgive. Everyone is mistaken, physical betrayal, especially on the part of a man - you know, not the worst thing that can be in life.

Angelica Raj: You recently released a video for the song "Mama", in which your real mummy and Stefano starred. I was amazed that in this song you are asking your mother not to interfere in your life, so that she would let you go, not interfere with your relationship. In real life, did your mother often stop you, interfere, or refuse to allow something?

Sati Casanova: My parents, both my mother and my father, never interfered, they never stopped explicitly, rudely or somehow perceptibly. They could quietly worry, pray, worry, but they respect me too much, my freedom, so they never interfered either regarding work or regarding my relationship. Like any woman, my relationship with my mother is not always easy. In general, this is an amazing mystery - a mother and a daughter. Probably, only when I myself become the mother of my daughter, I will understand from the other side. If mom and daughter are not frank with each other, this creates a barrier between them. It can be jealousy, and envy of each other, and even some kind of rivalry.

Angelica Raj: Our program has an Inconvenient Question section. Have you ever used illegal substances?

Sati Casanova: Yes, light, a little, a little, not for long. Well, I had to try everything. Until I try, I don't trust anyone. I tried it and realized that it is really very dangerous, very scary and there is nothing so joyful about it. It's not worth paying such an exorbitant price.

Angelica Raj: Do you think you have star fever?

Sati Casanova: It happens that no one canceled the ego. She rarely finds me, but aptly. There should be balance, yoga is just about balance.