Turkish Men Form The Strongest Families With "Russian Natasha"

Turkish Men Form The Strongest Families With "Russian Natasha"
Turkish Men Form The Strongest Families With "Russian Natasha"

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It seems that while our tourists continue to rest in Turkish resorts, the topic of "Russian Natasha" will also be actively discussed on the Internet.


There are different opinions about the attitude of Turkish men to Russian ladies. Some adhere to the point of view that these are the most gallant gentlemen who take care of Russian beauties, and those, in turn, are open with them, sociable and more experienced in intimate terms than Turkish women. But it is also a common stereotype that our women in Turkey are perceived by men exclusively as girls with reduced social responsibility. In many ways, this was facilitated by the post-Soviet era of the 90s, when our women actively raided this country for clothes and with the aim of getting married. It was then that the opinion arose that the Russian "Natasha" could be easily bought.

Nevertheless, even today there is often a certain attitude towards our compatriots there. This is due to the behavior of Russian seductresses in Turkish resorts, sometimes even arriving there with their husbands, but all the same, while they are sitting somewhere in a bar, their companions at this time flirt and have fun with Turkish bartenders.

But one cannot measure everyone by one size fits all, there are girls from Russia and they are still the majority who make the hearts of Turkish men beat faster. And it is with them that they build married couples and show the most sincere and tender feelings in relationships. Although, who said that sex does not give birth to big and pure love afterwards ?! And the Turkish conquerors of women's hearts show so much attention to the ladies, they are so scattered in compliments and know how to look after and seduce so beautifully that our women simply cannot resist them. The Turkish representatives of the stronger sex have a double opinion: on the one hand, they are impressed by the liberated behavior of Russian ladies, and on the other, they condemn it. Go and figure out what they need!

But in general, the male population of this state greatly appreciates the representatives from Russia for their sociability, the desire to always be on top and, of course, for the ability to be open and free in bed. Needless to say, Russian beauties in the eyes of Turkish men are truly the goddess of sex! In messages on various Turkish forums, one can often read laudatory odes of a similar plan of representatives of the stronger sex to our ladies. What else captivates Turkish men in Russian girls is their desire to look impressive after the wedding and be a versatile person, not to stop developing, to be interested in something. According to a number of women who have had the good fortune to tie the knot with Turkish men, the latter, as a rule, are very caring husbands.

What a long way to go for an example, if among my good friends there was such a happy Russian-Turkish family. The couple met more than 25 years ago, and they still live in perfect harmony. And today they have already had five children. All received a good upbringing and a decent education.

And yet, judging by the comments that users leave on social networks, many Turks do not miss the opportunity to court Russian women without burdening themselves with far-reaching plans.

“In my experience, it all depends on the girls, it is they who, on purpose or accidentally, give some signals for a man to allow himself to be harassed,” Lena Tekin is sure. - I was once resting with two girlfriends in an inexpensive hotel in Alanya. I never dressed very openly and respectfully greeted the hotel staff, having previously learned three or four phrases in Turkish.For two weeks, no one has ever "rolled up" to me, but my two friends (makeup, mini, heels, shoot with eyes, they have such a habit of behavior) every evening someone invited to take a walk somewhere, flirted with them and etc. But they sincerely believe that they did not give any signs of accessibility … ".

“I was once grabbed by the hand in Istanbul when I politely tried to explain the way to a passer-by. As a result, I was so scared that I sent it in a very rude form and in several languages, since I forgot all Turkish out of fright. That person understood, fortunately) - says Anna Grishina. “But at first I also thought that everyone was going and honking me (maybe I don't seem to be local at all), and then I realized that only taxi drivers were honking.” What are you talking about. Yes, this behavior is not acceptable, but it is also in Istanbul and throughout Turkey. Yes, a Turk will not pester a Turkish woman, but pester a girl of Slavic appearance. I have lived in Istanbul for 7 years and I know this firsthand. And no matter how modestly you dress, I also tried to wear sunglasses and a baseball cap, and still there were cases. I had to abruptly sew - and grabbed by the hands, and not only by the hands, and this is not somewhere in a cafe, but just when you walk down the street, not talking to anyone. Moreover, this happened in Istiklal, where there are many Turks and tourists. And I generally keep quiet about Aksaray. In Istanbul it is and has always been. I can’t believe you’ve never been pestered if you’re also a blonde! For the Turks it is like a red rag for a bull. And regarding the recreation area, I would say that yes, there are such cases too, but they are more accustomed to tourists there than in ordinary cities and, for example, it's okay if you wear shorts and a short skirt. The same Turks will normally perceive it in the tourist area, which is not acceptable in Istanbul or Ankara."

In general, on the basis of all of the above, we can conclude that the girls themselves, with their too free behavior, provoke the Turks to harass. The national characteristics of hot Turkish guys cannot be ruled out. But, despite the lovingness of Turkish men, they often see future wives and mothers of their children in Slavic women. It is no coincidence that a lot of such international wedding unions have recently been concluded and the spouses live in them, as they say, in perfect harmony.

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