7 Cruel Myths About A Real Man, Which Are Long Overdue To Abandon

7 Cruel Myths About A Real Man, Which Are Long Overdue To Abandon
7 Cruel Myths About A Real Man, Which Are Long Overdue To Abandon

Video: 7 Cruel Myths About A Real Man, Which Are Long Overdue To Abandon

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Chop off the head of Medusa the gorgon, bring the mammoth tusk, neutralize Al-Qaeda - prove that you are a real man! In the race for this title, we completely forget that any person has a limit of possibilities. And that no one and no one should prove anything. Masculinity is not in emotional closeness or in a wallet - this is a misconception inspired by stereotypes. And here are some particularly popular ones.

1. A real man should not show emotions

Feeling unwell, worries, grief, resentment - in general, any reactions that may appear in response to pain (it does not matter whether it is physical or emotional) are prohibited for a real man. The blows of fate should be perceived with a smile, parting with your beloved girl should only spur you to great achievements and the search for a new partner. "Real men don't cry" - we hear from everywhere. Well, of course, only if they don't chop onions or suffer the defeat of their favorite football team. In fact, they are simply taught from childhood to hide their emotions deep inside. But we forget that our reactions to pain do not depend on gender, but on many other factors - genetic predisposition, physical condition of the body, stress level and much more. As for emotional pain, it is often more difficult than physical pain, and by closing these feelings in oneself, a person risks getting serious mental problems. Is this justified? Unlikely.

2. A real man should not pay much attention to personal care

Men are not sissies - why use lotions, creams and other girly things? This is another common stereotype. A trivial example: sunscreen. Or, to be more precise, refusal to use it. The results are deplorable: according to the average data, men are 2 times more likely than women to die from skin cancer. All this in pursuit of imaginary masculinity. Another example is personal hygiene. Unshaven armpits, an unpleasant odor and unkempt hair do not add to your attractiveness at all, but, on the contrary, only repel those around you. Oral hygiene: 10 ways to ruin your teeth

3. A real man doesn't need anyone

Well, maybe his "den" and a couple of cans of beer in the refrigerator. Evokes thoughts of loneliness, doesn't it? Everyone needs a close relationship, only they look different for everyone. Someone maintains warm communication with their family, someone is content with the company of good friends, and someone makes plans for life with their beloved girl. It should not be denied that without communication, life loses its colors.

4. A real man should sacrifice health for the common good

Often, parents, under pressure from society, believe that raising a boy means instilling in him a disregard for his own health. "You're a man! Why call movers - you can handle it yourself. " As a result - a torn back and a terrible state of health. And this is just one example, how many more are there? Of course, the fact that men so rarely care about their health is to blame for the cultural pressure of society. The norms of masculinity often reach the point of absurdity, and guys who try to live up to them risk not only their health but also their lives.

5. A real man should not obey a woman

If a real man is given a choice between a good job with career prospects led by a female boss and a construction site, he will choose the second option. At least, this is what others often say, arguing that "it is humiliating to obey a woman." In fact, the gender of your boss is completely unimportant - the main thing is that he is an adequate leader and professional in his field.So throw this stereotype out of your head and do not prevent yourself from developing professionally.

6. A real man should earn more than a girl

A man should earn enough to be enough for him to live, to provide all the girl's “wants”, to “affix” to friends, gifts to relatives, to “lend” to acquaintances. And if suddenly you earn less than your girlfriend, then you are deprived of the honorary title “Real Man". Your masculinity is not determined by your wages. If your girlfriend earns more than you and can provide for herself, this is another reason to be happy for her beloved, and not to start doubting herself. How to become a sought-after specialist and earn more

7. A real man should be able to do everything

Being the perfect lover, changing the wheel, fixing the bathroom faucet and doing the apartment renovation alone at the level of the construction team. Sounds fantastic, but what you can't do for the sake of being masculine. When there is real hell in the kitchen, you flood the neighbors, your girlfriend is already mentally calculating how much will have to be spent on repairs, and you are heroically trying to figure out the intricacies of pipes, instead of calling a plumber - this is at least stupid. You do not have to be able to do absolutely everything, and it would be wise for you to admit this and, if necessary, seek professional help.

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