Fun Facts: How Heat Affects Sex (ABC, Spain)

Fun Facts: How Heat Affects Sex (ABC, Spain)
Fun Facts: How Heat Affects Sex (ABC, Spain)

Video: Fun Facts: How Heat Affects Sex (ABC, Spain)

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Do we want more sex in the summer? The answer to this question can be the same as for almost all existing questions: "depends on the circumstances." Increasing daylight hours activate hormones and neurotransmitters responsible for pleasure, experts say. As psychologist and sexologist Silvia Sanz explains, heat can help you get more pleasure from intercourse because, on the one hand, it stimulates the production of oxytocin, endorphins and serotonin, which leads to increased sex drive, and on the other hand, it promotes vasodilation of muscle fibers, due to which blood flow to the genitals increases.


Another positive effect of high temperatures on sexual performance is that more testosterone and estrogen are produced. It helps to increase libido and promote arousal.

However, according to a recent study on the relationship between heat and sex drive, titled "The effect of seasons on human reproduction" (Oxford University), in the summer the number of intercourses increases only if the temperatures are not excessively high. The scientists concluded that in countries with temperate and cold climates, where summers can be very warm, but not sultry, the birth rate increased in the ten months after the summer. During the same period, in countries with hot and tropical climates, where summer temperatures are extremely high, this indicator did not increase. As they say, everything is good in moderation.

Changes promote sex drive

According to sexologist Sylvia Sans, in addition to hormonal and physical changes caused by increased daylight hours and higher temperatures, there is another aspect, more prosaic. Usually in the summer people want to detach from everything and relax, which can lead to an increase in the number of intercourse. “A change of scenery helps to cope with the routine. There is more time to take care of themselves, dress seductively and attractively, so that tenderness and intimacy reappear in the couple's relationship, which they sometimes forget about due to fatigue, routine and lack of time."

Her opinion is shared by clinical psychologist and sexologist Nayara Malnero, who believes that summer heat and long daylight hours contribute to a good mood, which makes us want to "play". “We know that anxiety can decrease libido and increase the likelihood of sexual dysfunction. A good walk in the fresh air can help you relax and increase your attraction,”she says. According to the sexologist, there is scientific evidence that being outdoors, such as on the beach, in the garden or on the terrace, can help reduce stress levels, improve mood and feel happier.

What if it's too hot outside and we are building "castles in the air"?

Perhaps summer is a good time to revive the old passion in a relationship, or to let our imaginations run wild sexually. Nonetheless, sexologist Sylvia Sans explains that it is important to keep in mind some aspects that can prevent you from fully enjoying sex during the summer months. One of them is the expectation of planned intercourse, and the other is the physical impact of excessively high temperatures.

With regard to sexual expectations, the psychologist explains that there are days when intercourse is not as frequent and not as successful as we would like. Therefore, other tasks may appear on the list of priorities of the couple (or one of the partners) that become more important than the much-desired love intimacy.

We must also remember that on a physical level, extreme heat can cause low blood pressure, fatigue, or excessive sweating. “Pheromones are indeed a powerful aphrodisiac, but the smell of sweat or the touch of skin covered in sweat can sometimes cause rejection. The same goes for tiredness. Sometimes, because of the heat, we cannot sleep at night, and as a result, sexual activity during the day will not be what we expected,”says Sans.

Ideas to help boost your sex drive

Less worries, more activities is an approach that sexologist Sylvia Sans has taken to make the most of her vacation and stimulate sexual activity at this time of year. The expert advises, to the extent that the pandemic allows it, to make "unusual plans that will help disrupt the routine," visit "charming" places so that later the couple have shared memories, find hobbies that can be done together, arrange dates, which you can talk about something intimate.

If a couple is vacationing on the beach or where there is a pool, the psychologist advises to apply sunblock to each other or to flirt with each other conspiratorially in the presence of other people, thereby enjoying such a "provocation." This will help the partners to awaken passion.

According to the expert, such games can be a prelude to a wave of passion: a couple can enjoy sex and become closer.

Alternatively, you can indulge in gourmet meals or take an afternoon nap. According to the psychologist, the most important thing is to get the most out of your vacation. “You have a lot of time, the person you love is next to you, and everything helps you to enjoy it,” she says.

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