Anfisa Chekhova: "It's Hard To Prove Again That I Am Not A Talking Breast"

Anfisa Chekhova: "It's Hard To Prove Again That I Am Not A Talking Breast"
Anfisa Chekhova: "It's Hard To Prove Again That I Am Not A Talking Breast"

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She used to be a soloist in the naughty pop group "Mad Fireflies" and asked sharp questions in the cult talk show "Sharks of the Feather", but many viewers are still sure that the main achievement of this spectacular girl is the program "Sex with Anfisa Chekhova”, which aired 15 years ago. By the way, Anfisa was not only the face of the project, but also its author and leader. And in general, over the 10 years that "Sex …" is not on the air, Chekhova managed to try herself in a variety of roles - she acted in films, hosted television programs that have nothing to do with sexual relations, and recently flashed her acting talents in the project of the First Channel "Home role". “She made herself a stupid sexy woman” by Anfisa Chekhova. Photo: Personal archive


- In Leading Role, non-professional actors acted out scenes from classic films. After you reached the final of the show, offers to play in a movie or in performances probably fell …

- I played in entreprise even before the project. And quite a lot. It's just that before I was less picky, because I played with my husband (talking about the ex-wife of Anfisa, actor Guram Bablishvili - Ed.): I liked to ride with him around the country, but now I'm not ready to go from city to city alone with performances … At the moment, I have tied up with entreprise largely because they do not offer anything interesting. After the project "The Main Role" no director has yet woken up with the thought: "We must shoot her in my film!" It seems to me that the in-demand directors are busy making films. I don't think they watch Channel One and catch new talents there, especially since there are now much more actors than roles that they can play. Actors, as a rule, are selected by casting directors, and the director and producer are already watching them at the next stage.

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When I agreed to participate in the "Main Role", I did not cherish any hopes regarding an acting career. This is not really my path. It was just interesting for me to participate in this television project, to use the opportunity to replay my favorite roles, to try myself in different genres.

- You also appeared in this project as Larisa from "Cruel Romance". Have you discussed this work with Larisa Guzeeva?

- With Larisa Guzeeva, we are not friends and not friends. We talked when I hosted the Let's Get Married! in Ukraine. Journalists began to spread rumors that Guzeeva allegedly criticized my work. And Larisa called to refute these rumors. I was delighted with this, because not everyone can worry that some rumors may be unpleasant for another. We never spoke with her again.

- Is it true that you were recently invited as a star participant in the show "Let's get married!"?

- It seems to me that they regularly invite all unmarried stars to this program. They called me there for a long time. And I refused, because I do not think that relations should be built for show. I'm not a reality TV heroine. I will never accept such an offer. I do not think that I personally can find a lover on such programs.

Anfisa Chekhova. Photo: Personal archive

- You thanked the leadership of Channel One for being invited to the "Main role", seeing in you not only a girl who talks about sex. Did this image often get in the way?

- Yes, I am grateful to Konstantin Lvovich Ernst, because he even took part in the choice of roles. He always goes very deeply into the project, into the process. It was he who suggested to the producers that I play the roles from the films "In love of my own accord" and "Cruel Romance".But none of the directors saw in me a classic heroine. Not when I tried to study at the theater institute, from which I was expelled, not in my microscopic roles in films or in performances - no one imagined that I could play a grubby or an abandoned woman. All the time it was some kind of sex, sadomaso, aggressive or vulgar women. All scenarios are similar. Therefore, I have not played in at least a hundred films. I agree with Faina Ranevskaya that acting in a bad film is like shitting in eternity. And then they suddenly saw me!

As for "Sex with Anfisa Chekhova", Dmitry Troitsky, at that time the program producer of TNT, warned me at the very beginning: "You must understand that this image can become your stigma for life." But nothing scared me. And now for more than 10 years I have been getting out of this image: I refuse to talk about sex, to act in such projects … But when a person was so organic in some role, others are not offered to him for a long time. This happens with the actors from the acclaimed TV series. This is a torment for any artist. And for me too. For me it is a difficult task to prove again that I am not a talking breast, that I am not an empty-headed woman who sits at a table and talks about sex. I am a modest person, so I am not inclined to boast of my achievements. Therefore, she led the program "Sex with Anfisa Chekhova", keeping silent about the fact that I was its author and leader. I worked behind the scenes more than in the frame: I selected a team, came up with and watched all the plots, communicated with the characters. In general, it was my brainchild.

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- And many people think that you just read the text …

- A person who just sits in the frame, dumping the neckline on the table, cannot make a program that will be in the top for five years. But I never bragged about it. I didn’t scream, I didn’t beat myself in the chest that I’m such a genius creator of "Sex with Anfisa Chekhova". I modestly pretended to be a silly sexy woman. It probably wasn't right. Although the image on the screen was integral - people perceived me just like that.

Nevertheless, the viewers have long understood from the rest of the programs that I am not like that. And if I was ordered to do a show not about sex, but about something else, I would have done it too. And it would be successful. “I don’t eat sugar because I don’t want to” - The most popular query in Yandex with your name: “Anfisa Chekhova photo before and after losing weight”. How did you achieve such a figure?

Anfisa Chekhova in a swimsuit on the beach. Photo: Personal archive

- This is a very long conversation. I am annoyed by the common opinion that in order to lose weight, one must follow a diet and play sports.

Since childhood, I have suffered from obesity, my mother has been obese since childhood, I know many fat people who are not helped by either sports or proper nutrition. People often lose weight and gain weight. Losing weight is a chair with four legs, and people try to sit on two - proper nutrition and exercise. There are two more legs - this is health and psychology. If you do not pay attention to this, then write wasted - there will be no result.

Our body is a complex mechanism: hormones, digestion, metabolism, lymphatic system, parasitology, endocrine system are important. Often, excess weight does not appear because a person eats a lot and moves little. The reason is in the state of health. A decrease in the level of even one hormone in the body leads to the fact that a person will be lethargic and he will not want to play sports or he will be drawn to eat the wrong foods. The same story with parasitology or the endocrine system … People are fixated on the exterior, not realizing that what is inside is much more important, whether your body is healthy. Many people cannot lose weight because their internal systems are out of order.

The same situation is with psychology: psychologists have proved that the type of a person's body directly depends on his psychotype.That is, our body forms character, behavior. It becomes just the way to satisfy our psychological needs.

You need to deal with your health, psychology. And as a result, you will want to eat right and play sports for your pleasure. Diet is not that important for weight loss. You can try to eat by the rules with willpower. But in the end, get better again.

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- And yet, what is your diet?

- I do not eat sugar, meat, fatty, fried, yeast bread and in a certain way I try to combine products according to the principle of separate nutrition. But I do this not because I use willpower and forcing myself. Because I don’t want to eat these foods! Often women ask God: "I want to eat everything and not get fat!" And we ought to ask him not to want to eat what destroys the body. Sometimes foods that are enjoyable kill us. Self-love allows me not to want foods that will make me in old age be hunched over, sedentary, unhappy, angry and dissatisfied with life.

- You conduct webinars on weight loss, and you also produce clothes from Anfisa Chekhova, and recently even a book of poems was released. What of this is for the soul, and what helps to feed the family?

- I write poetry - it's my hobby. I wanted to publish several books to give to friends, and then it turned out that a well-known publisher wants to publish my book. But I haven’t made any money on this yet: the publishing house is in no hurry to pay the royalties. We are still working with my clothing brand and store for the future - this does not bring any large fees. The weight loss webinar has been suspended for now, but I will be launching it soon. My main income is advertising, Instagram, shooting in television projects. Everything is the same. And everything else is for the future and for the soul. “I bought everything in my life” Anfisa Chekhova with her son Solomon. Photo: Personal archive

- Your son is going to the 1st grade. Have you chosen a private school for him?

- I send Solik (so affectionately Anfisa calls the son of Solomon. - Ed.) To a regular school. Of course, there will be additional developmental classes after the lessons. But I'm not fixated on making a genius out of a child. Graduates of ordinary Soviet schools also achieved a lot in life, grew up to be good and intelligent people. I believe that a child should have a childhood. The psychological state is more important than the desire to make a successful person out of the child. The result does not depend on the intensity of the training.

- After parting with your husband, you bring up Solomon together - not all ex-spouses succeed …

- Communication with a child is voluntary. I was lucky: I intuitively chose a man who became a good father. Guram loves the child, he likes to communicate with him, it is important for him. This is entirely the merit of Guram, not mine.

Guram and I parted in friendship and understanding that if our feelings are over and we are better apart than together, this does not mean that the child has ended his childhood.

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- But what about mutual grievances?

- Of course, in the process of our parting, there were misunderstandings and some emotions. But there are no offenses as such. We spent wonderful years together, in happiness, in understanding. This was much more than the reasons that led to the separation. I prefer to remember the good, to be grateful for all the experience that I got with Guram. And the best thing we did for each other was to create Solomon. For him to be happy, we must be on good terms.Guram and I during the marriage were very close in every sense and remained the same close friends after parting. Despite the fact that we are not together, we support each other, sometimes we forgive for something, we endure something, we accept something. This is the same relationship, only in a different format.

Of course, it would be harder for me if Guram behaved incorrectly: he tried to divide the child, would not pay attention to him, would be in conflict … But I still would not deprive him of communication with his son.

Anfisa Chekhova with her son Solomon. Photo: Personal archive

- What rules have you established so that your son does not suffer because of a divorce?

- We did not set the rules. But we understand simple things: you cannot express your discontent with each other to the child. Neither Guram, nor I tell the child that dad or mom did something wrong. When I tell a child how I love him, he asks: "And daddy?" I answer: "Of course, and daddy too!" Even if there are disagreements, I will never discuss them with the child. I will never allow a child to say bad things about his dad. I'm sure that if he says bad things about me, dad will scold him for it.

We never swear in front of a child. Although we never swear anyway … I support the decisions that Guram makes. I have no need to defend my case. And I admit that in many situations he is right. And he does the same to me. Over the years Guram has learned not to fight a woman with me. He realized that it was useless. Women are big children. And we must be condescending to their whims and quirks. This is his wisdom. And my wisdom is not to command, not to make independent decisions. Even if I can accept them.

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- Most women believe that a man should earn more than his chosen one. Do you agree?

- I have never been fixated on male security. And, moreover, all my men were far from being as well off as I was credited with. Over the years, I have come to the conclusion that my man, in order for me to be happy, must be better off than me. Much better off. And not because I want money. All my life I earned myself and bought everything in my life myself. It's just that later it is the man who has problems because of this: he does not feel cool, strong, important. And because of this, I have another problem - fatigue from the fact that it is difficult for me to provide for my family, to cope with a number of issues with my own financial strength.

- Where do men most often meet you?

- I don't get to know each other on the Internet, in a restaurant, even in traffic jams I don't get to know men from neighboring cars … It's hard for a famous woman to get to know each other spontaneously. As a rule, all meetings take place in companies, through friends. I always met at work - there was a gradual recognition of each other, and then it all grew into some kind of relationship.

Anfisa Chekhova with her son Solomon. Photo: Personal archive

- When was the last time you went on a date?

- Not so long ago, one might say, I had an unexpected date. The man postponed the meeting for a very long time under various pretexts, and our friends really wanted to introduce us. I never saw him, but he knew who I was and did not mind meeting. As a result, our friends, without warning us, made it so that we were in the same place at some presentation. When he found out that I was here, he turned around and wanted to leave with the words: “Why didn't you warn me - I’m not dressed like that, I’m not combed like that…” I immediately felt that this man was afraid to meet with me.

This happens very often - many men are afraid of meeting me, because they think that I am pretentious and spoiled, that I need to please, amaze, not lose my face … That is why I always met those with whom I worked.They were forced to see me every day and, gradually realizing that I was not what they imagine, these men began to feel sympathy for me. And then feelings arose in us.

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Most of all I do not like it when a man throws show-off, tries to be cool. I like it when two people meet and just talk about interesting topics. I do not have enough sincere communication with an interesting and intelligent man. Personal file Anfisa CHEKHOVA was born on December 21, 1977 in Moscow. Graduated from the Institute of Journalism and Literary Creativity. Conducted TV projects "Sex with Anfisa Chekhova", "Weighted and happy people" and many others. She was married to actor Guram Bablishvili. May 31, 2012 gave birth to a son, Solomon.

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