Chekhova, Dakota, Meladze And Other Celebrities Who Openly Talked About The Betrayal Of Their Second Half

Chekhova, Dakota, Meladze And Other Celebrities Who Openly Talked About The Betrayal Of Their Second Half
Chekhova, Dakota, Meladze And Other Celebrities Who Openly Talked About The Betrayal Of Their Second Half

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These celebrities did not hesitate to publicly talk about how they survived the betrayal of loved ones. Some condemn them for being overly frank, while others, on the contrary, believe that their experience can help other women who find themselves in a similar situation.


Anfisa Chekhova

On the air of the program "The Fate of a Man" with Boris Korchevnikov, 41-year-old TV presenter Anfisa Chekhova spoke frankly about breaking up with her husband, 38-year-old actor Guram Bablishvili. The couple does not hide that the reason was betrayal. “He admits it, so I can say yes,” she said. Moreover, it became known that Bablishvili has a second family: “His second family was in Abkhazia. I took pity and let him go to his second wife. We parted easily and naturally. God commanded to share."

“Men are cheating, and that's okay. It so happened that when we parted, we talked a lot, and he told me. During our life together, I did not know. And I took it calmly, I swear. But if I caught it, it would be unpleasant for me,”Anfisa admitted. She explained that she and her husband had an agreement: he was allowed to have affairs on the side, but so that neither the press nor in any other way would become known to his wife.

Rita Dakota

Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky were an example for many couples, so fans of the artists were very surprised when the singer announced the divorce on her Instagram: “It's very difficult for me to write this now, but in order to avoid unnecessary conversations and gossip in the press, I have to. With great bitterness and pain in my heart, I inform you that Vlad Sokolovsky and I are getting a divorce. Everything that seemed like a beautiful picture, family, devotion and love - turned out to be such only for me alone in our pair. From the very beginning to the end, it was real for me, so I left my husband as soon as I learned about his double life. It turned out that Vlad cheated on me throughout our relationship, cheated on me when we got married and got married, cheated on me when I was pregnant, cheated on me from the first days of Mia's life, cheated on me until the moment I found out about it.

These were dozens of "girls", many of them I know personally, many of them were my "friends" who entered my house. Almost all of our mutual friends who met me from the hospital knew about this and covered him, many of them had his betrayal right at home, with their consent. Some members of his family, including his father, also knew. I understand that this sounds like a script for a horror movie, it sounds incredible, and I would never have believed it myself if I did not have iron evidence, but, alas, this is a bitter and terrible truth. My world will never be the same, but I have to go through it for my daughter."

Irina Meladze

The relationship between Valery Meladze and Albina Dzhanabaeva began long before the singer's official divorce from his first wife Irina. For several years, the artist hid not only an affair on the side, but also the birth of a son from the ex-soloist of the VIA Gra group.

“I began to guess about two years before the final breakup. I felt that something bad was going on. Valera refused to talk, although I tried to find out the reason for the change in his behavior. And one day he just broke off and told everything, but did not mention her name. For me, what I heard was a shock. Later, I learned from a friend that it was Albina Dzhanabaeva. The news came as a surprise to me. Of course, I knew Albina, but I could not even imagine that she already had a son from Valera. At that moment, I just began to beg God to burn this love out of my heart, to erase Valera from there. Otherwise, I simply would not be able to live, and yet I have children. I could drink myself or hang myself, but I didn't.I would not delete a single fragment from my biography. In the end, now I treat Valera very well, we communicate and, I hope, this will continue to be so,”Irina told TV presenter Boris Korchevnikov.

Olga Buzova

The divorce of Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov has become one of the loudest in Russian show business. Now the footballer is happily married to model Anastasia Kostenko, and Olga decided to focus on her career. “I was sure of three never. That I will never dye my hair brunette. I will never forgive betrayal. And I will never fall on my knees in front of a man. And I violated all these three points. Now I do not renounce anything. Something happened in my life that it is difficult to scare me with something.

The blow was powerful, and I was not ready for it. It is clear that many are experiencing this, but I am now talking about myself, but we all think that it is our love that is the strongest and our pain from loss is the most unbearable. I was sure that I would marry once for the rest of my life. And February 3 would have been six years since we have been together. But in early October, suddenly, literally in one day, even in one minute, everything was over.

I just didn’t believe this was happening to me. Everything seemed to be working out, it just can't be that this is the end. “How is it, this is the love of my life,” I thought in perplexity, “we have plans: now a house, then children. I have everything planned, I build my life cube by cube. Yes, I will do anything to be with my beloved! And I will forgive everything. Well, yes, there are difficult periods, crises in relationships, but everything can be overcome!"

Until recently, I believed that everything with my husband and I would get better, "- said Buzova in an interview with 7 Days.

Aiza Anokhina

Rapper Guf and his wife Isa also seemed to many to be the perfect couple. What really happened in their relationship became known when they decided to divorce. “Yes, we are breaking up. Parting forever Hopefully we'll stay on good terms, but so far it's not working. Everything is very trite, in fact: fame, fame, women, money. Fun for everyone except me. I think that my husband simply lost his love for me, since he was with other women. But until the last day I believed that everything could still be fine. There is a son, there is me, I try so hard. I tried to work, to do myself. But nothing worked for me, because I was constantly in a hassle.

Pride is what I lost in my relationship with Lesha and regained it just now.

I stopped developing. Has ceased to respect myself ", - Isa admitted in an interview with LifeNews.

Julia Baranovskaya

One of the most sensational was the parting of Andrei Arshavin and Yulia Baranovskaya. The footballer told the common-law spouse that he was leaving her for another woman when she was expecting a third child from him.

“I have lived an absolutely happy nine years without fear and postponement for a rainy day. I gave birth to three children without being officially married, without having anything written down for myself. I was just fully confident that it was forever, I had no idea that this could happen.

From St. Petersburg, he constantly called me, then I flew to St. Petersburg with the children on vacation, for two weeks we did not part for a single second. He only trained without me. Then we signed a contract with the designers to renovate the house. I flew to London, and a week later he said he was leaving! The next day I found out that my mother was sick. The baby is in the stomach, my husband said that he was leaving, my mother was ill … I decided that he was joking that I would come to St. Petersburg, talk to him and everything would change. On the plane from London, I got up and went to the pilot - to ask to be dropped off. I realized that I could not fly. It was scary. God forbid anyone to experience such a thing,”Baranovskaya frankly told TV presenter Andrei Malakhov.

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