What Your Sexual Fantasies Tell About You

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What Your Sexual Fantasies Tell About You
What Your Sexual Fantasies Tell About You

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Intimate fantasies can tell a lot about a person's inner world /

Fancy yourself the cocky Katherine from Basic Instinct or the shy Anastasia from Fifty Shades of Gray in the most intimate moments of your life? Psychologists say that sexual fantasies reveal the deepest fears and desires of a person. WomanHit.ru figured out what your secret thoughts can talk about.

Two sides of the coin

If there is public nudity in your fantasies, for example, you imagine yourself as a stripper or porn actress, then you probably subconsciously want to raise your self-esteem, the idea of ​​your own attractiveness for the opposite sex. Fantasies about pregnancy also speak of this.

Routine is sick of it

You often imagine yourself in a subordinate position; fantasizing about rough, hard sex? You are probably tired of the mundane things in real life. Try to relax, do yoga or meditation, and then communicate your wishes to your partner. Saying something out loud means being halfway to the realization of your desire. It is worth starting a conversation on such an intimate topic with a person only if you are sure that he will be able to accept and fulfill your desires. Otherwise, your offer will either remain ignored or alienate your partner.

Coffee with milk

Fantasies about sex with a person of a different race speak of your desire to break away from everyday worries and add bright colors to real life. You may feel that your life is boring and crave new bright emotions.

Chur, I'm on top

Dreams that in sex you subordinate someone to your will, forcing someone to do something, signal that in real life you are afraid to firmly define your own position on any issue or defend your point of view. Are you excited by the plot of The Thorn Birds? Sexual fantasies about seducing an innocent person signal that you are not sure if you are good in bed. You are lost in doubt whether you can bring real pleasure to your partner.

Sexual fantasies often protect us from intense social or moral pressure. Sometimes we are afraid to talk about our desires directly, but whether or not we communicate our fantasy to our partner, as well as implement them, is up to you.

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