American Intends To Marry Tetris

American Intends To Marry Tetris
American Intends To Marry Tetris

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MOSCOW, January 8 - RIA Novosti. Florida resident Nurul Mahjabin Hassan intends to marry Tetris after breaking up with a calculator, Metro newspaper writes.

According to the twenty-year-old girl, she has been in a relationship with Tetris for over a year and spends playing up to twelve hours a day.

“I think that Tetris is so beautiful, it is perfect and allows you to think outside the box. Physically, I feel the same as people who are in a relationship - you understand that this is a person who suits you,” says the girl.

The publication notes that Hassan is very devoted to Tetris and acquires various things related to the game.

According to her, she plans to marry Tetris after graduation.

According to Metro, the girl was previously in a relationship with a calculator named Pierre. At the same time, she was never in love with representatives of the human race, but only with robots and inanimate objects, for example, an oscilloscope.

The publication reports that the feeling of sexual attraction to an inanimate object is quite common, and many people like Nurul Mahjabin Hassan are in relationships with candelabra and even railway stations.

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