Size Matters: Are Sex Myths True

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Size Matters: Are Sex Myths True
Size Matters: Are Sex Myths True

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Sex is an important part of every person's life. But poor sex education, lack of knowledge and misconceptions give rise to false beliefs and even complexes.

What myths is it time to stop believing, says sexologist and family psychologist Ekaterina Alekseevskaya.

Woman reaches different orgasms

It is believed that women experience many orgasms, and the most common is vaginal. This type of orgasm does not exist, as well as the other 12-15 varieties that you may have heard of.

There is only one orgasm - only the ways of getting it differ. Stimulation of the clitoris is basic, no matter how it is achieved.

Sex is for health

There is no research that confirms that not having sex is bad for your health. Quite the opposite: unsatisfactory sex is harmful to health.

Sex for health is important to consider from the point of view of getting an orgasm: it restarts the nervous system, produces a large amount of hormones that reduce stress, calm and relax the body.

Men always want sex

There is a concept of "sexual constitution" with which we are born and which does not change during life. It is high, medium and low. When tall, a man or woman wants to have sex every day or several times a day. If it is weak, they want sex once a month or a year. This is normal and you don't need to do anything if you are comfortable with it.

Most people are of an average sexual constitution with the desired frequency of sex 2-4 times a week. There is no generally accepted norm.

Squirt is the measure of female orgasm

The phenomenon came from porn movies, where actors try to show the female orgasm effectively. Studies have been conducted that have proven that squirt is not an orgasm. These are two parallel things. It can enhance orgasm, or vice versa: be uncomfortable, painful and not affect orgasmic sensations. You can try it if you are interested, but there is no point in chasing the idea to feel it.

Size matters

Some men are worried about a common myth and even think to enlarge the reproductive organ in order to give pleasure to their partner. As stated in the first point: female orgasm is obtained by stimulating the clitoris. The average size of the vaginal canal is 8-12 cm at rest, and twice as large at the moment of arousal. More does not mean better, sometimes it brings pain and discomfort to the girl.

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