Why I Prefer Sex In The Car

Why I Prefer Sex In The Car
Why I Prefer Sex In The Car

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Despite the fact that I am already a little over 40, in terms of my sex life I am as liberated as I was at 20. Dull 5 minute sex in bed is not for me. Fortunately, my partner is as interested in sex as I am, so we are constantly trying something new.

When a friend says that she finally had sex on the kitchen table, I can't help but make a condescending grimace. Table? Seriously? And this, in your opinion, variety? The airport, beach, park, office, museum, movie theater, plane, public toilet, rooftop and gym are just a few of the places where I've had sex in the last year. But still, despite all the variety, most often I prefer the car.

First, this kind of sex always happens spontaneously. You can give your partner unambiguous hints on the way, and when you arrive at your destination, there will be no point in getting out of the car.

Secondly, I don’t know about you, but I am terribly excited by the possibility of being caught. There is no tinting in the car, plus sometimes we make love during daylight hours in a rather busy place. We know that we are most likely to be watched, but it doesn't matter: the process is important, and when there are spectators, it becomes much more piquant.

Thirdly, the small dimensions of the car make you and your partner literally closer to each other. Yes, you cannot try a dozen other poses from the "Kamasutra" here - there is simply not so much space. But it seems to me that when you are so close to your partner, there is some kind of special intimacy between you. The windows fog up, it gets very hot, but you no longer pay attention to it. And if they tell you that sex in the car is vulgar, remember the famous scene from "Titanic". It is unlikely that anyone would argue that in the film, making love to Rose and Jack was shown in the best possible way.

And finally, fourthly, sex in the car helps a woman to be free. You immediately feel like the best lover on earth, and your man feels it with you. I would advise all couples who are tired of primitive sex to get into the car for at least one night and feel the difference. You may not want to go back to bed after that.


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