Female Mistakes In Oral Sex

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Female Mistakes In Oral Sex
Female Mistakes In Oral Sex

Video: Female Mistakes In Oral Sex

Video: Female Mistakes In Oral Sex
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Probably every second woman at least once in her life, but tried to satisfy her man orally. But are we doing everything right? Despite the simple process, oral sex is a real art, so what mistakes do most women make? Let's figure it out.

You only focus on one area

It is believed that the head is the most sensitive place of the entire penis, at least this is taught by many courses aimed at increasing intimate "skill". In fact, the entire surface of the penis and even the area around is also worthy of your attention. The scrotum hears special attention: the vast majority of men and women do not suspect that a significant part of the pleasure depends on the stimulation of this particular zone, so do not miss this part of the male body the next time you are alone. The man will be incredibly grateful to you.

You do it all too fast

Another popular mistake is to assume that a man is always ready for sex and does not need foreplay. It is fundamentally wrong. Just like a woman, a man needs to achieve a certain emotional state, and for this, start close communication not from his main organ, but from above: from the lips and go down below. In addition, if you show with all your appearance that you want to end the process as soon as possible, the man becomes embarrassed, as if he is forcing you to do this. Show that you enjoy the process too. Show more emotion.

You're acting too monotonous

If you have ever managed to bring a man to orgasm with certain caresses, do not think that it is worth stopping there. We all love diversity, and if a man notices that you are doing everything "according to the scheme", very soon he will get bored with this approach and his body will no longer respond to your actions. Think about what you can change: posture, setting, maybe it's time to apply a new technique. Your imagination in this case will be very useful, but be sure to take into account the opinion of your partner - he, like you, should not feel discomfort.

You hide emotions

Oral sex is not an “event” where you need to “keep your face”. Many women approach the process with the utmost seriousness, which can alert a man. When you hide your face, a man, again, it seems that you are doing it through force. But a direct look in the eyes will tell him a lot. We all remember that men "love with their eyes" - this is just the case.