Tips For Good Virtual Sex

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Tips For Good Virtual Sex
Tips For Good Virtual Sex

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The quarantine introduced in connection with the coronavirus has made its own adjustments in many areas of people's lives and has not spared even its intimate part.After all, some were literally locked in different cities and countries and now have no opportunity to see each other. But the desire to be near not only with the soul, but also with the body, unlike public events, has not been canceled! Fortunately, there is a way out! And we're talking now about virtual sex


Below we have prepared for you 6 tips and rules, adhering to which you can make Cyber ​​sex no worse than the real one!

Take care of safety

The first and perhaps most important rule concerns your privacy. After all, it becomes more and more difficult to keep it in the times of active digitalization and constant data exchange.

If you decide to try virtual with a stranger on a special site, it is better to use a separate e-mail for registration and come up with a nickname. And, of course, if possible, do not show your face and do not exchange contact information.

If we are talking about communicating with someone you already know, we advise you to use only those messengers and services that you really trust for communication. It's no secret that now almost all sites have access to user data. Of course, hardly anyone needs your nude photos, but why risk it again?

Try sex toys

This is the perfect time to try something new, like sex toys. In specialized stores and websites, you can find a huge selection of devices for every taste and wallet. For couples, we recommend remote control toys that allow one partner to literally control the sensations of the other.

Probably not even worth talking about banal vibrators and genital simulators? It is unlikely that you will surprise anyone now, because in sex shops you can find toys with much wider functionality. For example, manufacturer Svakom has created a selfie stick that also doubles as a vibrator. Some toys allow you to simultaneously (with pleasure) exchange photos and videos with your partner and even “broadcast” your feelings to him!


Why not? When else will you dare to experiment boldly? On the Internet, you can find various sites and applications that allow you to arrange sex in a game format. For example, the Desire program allows you to give each other thematic tasks and complete them. In addition, you can come up with your own versions of games, for example, a question-answer: who answers incorrectly, removes one item of clothing.

Use emoji

If this is your first experience of virtual sex and you don't know where to start yet, various emojis and stickers will come to the rescue. Sometimes they can be used to say what you hesitate to say in words. And about how eloquent gifs can be, we are generally silent! With them, you can easily show everything you want from a partner.

Watch porn together

If you are not ready to shoot and send a video with your own participation, you can share with your partner a piece of porn you like, and even watch it at the same time, being in touch, for example, by phone or Skype. What and how to do next, we think, is not worth explaining.

Take care of the romantic atmosphere

So what if your partner is on the other side of the screen? This does not mean at all that you can sit in front of him in a robe, with dirty hair and a terrible mess in the background. It will be much more pleasant to watch you in the appropriate romantic atmosphere - with candles or dim lights, in sexy lingerie and a glass of wine in hand.

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