When Work Is Fun: Professional Sex Toy Tester Talks About Her Job

When Work Is Fun: Professional Sex Toy Tester Talks About Her Job
When Work Is Fun: Professional Sex Toy Tester Talks About Her Job

Video: When Work Is Fun: Professional Sex Toy Tester Talks About Her Job

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Colleagues do not even know about the non-standard part-time job Carlene Howden, who holds a regular office position. The woman has a naughty secret: she tests sex toys.

The British do it even in public places. Her lover is not against an eccentric occupation and even helps Karlene in sex tests. Find out how and where a woman conducts unusual experiments from our material.

Karlene, 35, tests sex toys from Ann Summers. In this she is helped by Desi's 45-year-old boyfriend, who controls the spicy "things" with the help of the remote control.

Discussion of such topics was once considered forbidden, but now they are taken quite seriously. Lubricants and vibrators can be found in major retailers.

Women are becoming more and more self-confident, including in the intimate sphere. Polls show that 48% of Britons have sex devices.

A resident of London, Carlene, says that sexual satisfaction is one of the most important topics for her. Spicy part-time job gives her real pleasure.



Friends often ask her for advice on which sex toy to buy, and the woman always helps to find the right one. She recommends that you always carefully read the instructions for the device before using it.

Carlin began working with Ann Summers in 2014. The brand produces lingerie and sex toys for women. The British always leaves honest product reviews based on personal experience.

If something does not meet her expectations, it works too slowly, or the battery power runs out quickly, she does not remain silent about it.

Most people are very surprised to learn about her unusual occupation. Karlene has a full-time job, and she tests sex toys outside of working hours.

One of the most popular vibrator models is Rabbit, which appeared in the TV series Sex and the City. Ann Summers sells up to a million of these devices a year. With the explosive development of the sex industry in recent years, the abundance of gadgets has become increasingly confusing for shoppers.

Carlin says she was never hurt while testing the devices. Now she is testing new products for spring 2020. The main criteria are color, texture, feel, appearance of the product and its shape. Ann Summers has reduced the use of plastic in its packaging.



Some people think Karlene is orgasmic all day long, but the woman says she always puts off testing if she is tired. The woman often tests sex toys with her lover, Desi. The couple already has a rich intimate life, but they try different "tricks" to warm up in the bedroom or for self-satisfaction.

Carlene was once testing a vaginal egg on a train while her partner controlled it with a remote control. When he turned on the device to the maximum mode, the British woman was hysterical. Fortunately, none of the passengers understood anything.

On average, a woman tries one new sex toy per week.

It checks its reliability, compactness, efficiency and other indicators. Carlin can experience up to three orgasms in one session.

The British claims that she never hesitates to discuss intimate topics with her family. In their family, the topic of sex has always been open. The mother and sisters consult with her about the choice of erotic devices.

Despite its unusual occupation, Karlene's house does not resemble the Red Room from Fifty Shades of Gray. All sex toys are not scattered around the rooms, but collected in one box. The woman regularly updates their assortment. She usually throws away the tested devices so that they do not take up space.

There are so many sophisticated toys, costumes and gadgets sold in modern adult stores that everyone can find something to their liking.

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