9 Rules For Role-playing Games That Will Bring Your Passion Back

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9 Rules For Role-playing Games That Will Bring Your Passion Back
9 Rules For Role-playing Games That Will Bring Your Passion Back

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Couples who have been married for a long time have probably noticed that over the years the passion fades away and gradually sexual attraction fades away (not for everyone, of course, but in most cases). In order not to turn into neighbors who simply live in the same territory, you need to devote no less effort and time to your intimate life than solving some domestic issues. How? For example, try role-playing games that will help your couple remember what passion and desire are. And in order for everything to go perfectly, you need to follow some simple tips. Passion.ru editors tell you where to start, if neither you nor your partner have tried anything like this before.


Not sure - don't start

Psychologists remind you that if you are not 100% sure that you will be able to carry out your plan and bring the matter to the end, then it is better not to even start. After all, just imagine what disappointment your chosen one will experience if you planned an action with him for several days, discussed the process and teased him with juicy details, and at the very last moment suddenly decided to cancel everything or postpone it indefinitely. Remember that there is nothing more detrimental to your sex life than demonstrating to your partner that you do not want him (yes, your beloved can interpret your behavior that way).

First there was a word

Sexologists say that the game begins long before you appear in front of each other in pre-selected images. In other words, if you want your partner to be fully armed and tired of desire by the time they meet you, start flirting with him right in the morning. For example, kiss him passionately before leaving for work, then send an exciting voice message, unambiguous SMS and some impressive photos. Just don't overdo it. Otherwise, your chosen one may simply not wait for the evening and after a couple of such "hot shots" relieve sexual tension on their own.

Away with fears and doubts

Remember that there is nothing shameful in role-playing games and in bed you are allowed to do whatever pleases both of you. Therefore, stop thinking about how your friends and acquaintances would react to this (if, for example, they found out what you are doing with your spouse). What happens between you should be important only for the two of you, but not for those around you. But if, nevertheless, there are some points that are categorically unacceptable for you, then honestly tell your faithful about it, so that later you do not blush with embarrassment and not be interrupted in the midst of the action.

Our whole life is a game

Remember that flirting is an important part of a marriage. Therefore, do not forget to flirt with your partner, gradually discussing with him your erotic fantasies that you would like to translate into reality. In addition, find out what your beloved would like to try - after all, perhaps your desires coincide and then it will be easier than ever to come up with something special. Just agree that during the game you will not make fun of each other or pretend that you are really interested in it (although in fact you can hardly restrain your yawn and only dream that everything will end as soon as possible). Both partners must be involved in the process, otherwise it just doesn't make sense to even start.

There is a contact

Think up "stop words" in advance and discuss what is acceptable for you in the game and what is not. Do not rely on the fact that everything will be solved by itself, because many experiments, especially with the use of special BDSM gadgets and toys, require complete confidence that your partner will not be scared (or will not change his mind) at the very last moment.Otherwise, instead of a good mood and high-quality sex, you will receive dissatisfaction (resentment and misunderstanding) of your faithful and discourage him from wanting something like that for a long time.

Trust intuition and fantasy

Even if you initially discussed every little thing (as it seemed to you) and came up with a very good scenario, during the process something may go wrong and the main thing here is not to start panicking ahead of time. Do not rush to stop the action, but trust your intuition. Start improvising and don't forget to praise and encourage your partner (believe me, he also has a hard time adjusting, but he is trying for the sake of your relationship). Remember, no phrases “I don’t know what to do next”, “Come up with the best one for yourself”, “Play along with me, well,” “I'm tired of being a leader” - this is taboo! Stop freaking out and then everything will definitely work out, you'll see.

Reincarnating not in front of a partner

The main thing in such a case is the effect of surprise, so try to change clothes and “rehearse” in some separate place and appear in front of your partner, as they say, “in all its glory”. For the "magic" to work, and your sexuality to be appreciated, choose not too vulgar or accessible images, but those where your faithful will be able to connect imagination and "think out" something on his own. In addition, do not strive to undress each other too quickly, do not rush things, let passion take over you completely and then the result will definitely impress you.

Play, but do not flirt

Some inexperienced couples during role-playing games try to imitate famous actors (or simply try to repeat the script from some adult film) and ultimately nullify all efforts. Psychologists say that insincerity during the process (too violent manifestation of passion, vulgar behavior, manners unusual for you, and so on) can not only disappoint a partner, but also make him doubt that he really wants to continue such experiments with you in the future. In order not to be left at the bottom, try not to be fake during the process and more carefully choose a role for yourself that will help reveal your sexuality, and not vice versa.

Bring what you started to the end

And perhaps the most important rule is that you must (simply must) stick to your role until the very end, until the climax comes. Sexologists remind that stopping in the midst of the game, taking off costumes and muttering to yourself that you are tired / hot / bored, and so on, is simply not ethical towards your partner (after all, he has already tuned in to a certain way and similar behavior is simply will kill his desire and cool the ardor for a long time). Therefore, try not to get out of the way until you achieve what everyone was doing this for (and even if not everything will turn out perfect the first time, during the next such experiments you will feel much more confident and will be able to give each other unforgettable pleasure).

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