Sexologist: All Men Dream Of "hot" Girls, But In Their Life ... They Are Afraid

Sexologist: All Men Dream Of "hot" Girls, But In Their Life ... They Are Afraid
Sexologist: All Men Dream Of "hot" Girls, But In Their Life ... They Are Afraid

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Each lady has her own model of behavior: one is active to such an extent that it deprives her partner of the opportunity to express herself. The other, on the contrary, depicts touchy, forcing a man to work for two. Which of them do young people like more and which tactics to choose so as not to lose a young man and force

to believe that he will not find another like this anywhere?

As practice shows, among men, everyone has their own erotic fantasies, in which they imagine the girl of their dreams. Nevertheless, when, in an intimate setting, he encounters the real embodiment of the desired image, he is at least frightened. Most often, in such cases, further relationships between partners do not develop, since men, unlike women, remember very well their own negative or alarming experiences.

“The behavior of women basically has two leading models, which can be conditionally divided into active and passive,” says doctor-sex therapist Mikhail DVORKIN. "Of course, in fact, there are many more of them, but they are all derivatives of these two."


Commentary of a specialist: “It would seem that which of the men does not dream of an active partner who will turn herself on, and influence your arousal, and satisfy herself, if necessary, on her own,” says Mikhail DVORKIN. - But that is why she is a fantasy, to dream without making any attempts to realize it. Because in reality, such a quickness of a partner can lead to the fact that the relationship will be fleeting. This is explained quite simply: no matter how passive a man is, sooner or later he will want to take the initiative into his own hands. Perhaps the first sexual contact with an activist lady will end well. He will give the impression that the partner is emotional, energetic and sensual. But with a high degree of probability I can say that this opinion will be erroneous.

Activity in bed is often ostentatious. First, the partner tries to win the gentleman, showing everything she is capable of, and then, wanting to keep him in good shape, continues to try to be a leader in love joys. As a result, the young man loses any opportunity to express himself, and he is forced to submit to the will of the woman. For a man, this is a stressful situation, from which he, realizing his position, will try to escape. Perhaps in the future he will more than once remember the best moments spent with an active woman, but he is unlikely to want to fully return to such a relationship."

According to Mikhail DVORKIN, provocative behavior of a sexually active woman is always a reason for male jealousy. The feelings experienced by young people only heat up the situation, and each intimate contact only confirms their fears. There is nothing to find fault with, there is no real evidence, but the partner begins to think that the ardor of his chosen one will not be tamed only by him - by one participant in intimate relationships.

“Even if she had no idea of ​​cheating, but because of her emancipation, she will always remain under suspicion,” says Mikhail DVORKIN. - Therefore, I would advise sexually active girls not to rush into battle, but to carefully probe the "soil". Proved yourself a sex bomb - watch your partner's reaction. And best of all, next time, let him express himself. If he missed his chance and expects activity from you, then act, but again, be careful. Do not press, men will not stand it for long.And constantly monitor his reaction, so as not to miss that important moment when he is ready to turn into an active partner."


Expert commentary: “Passive partners are a reason for thought for men,” says Mikhail DVORKIN. - If a girl lies like a log and waits for someone to please her, then most likely from the outside it looks like a favor that she does to the young man. At first, a man will look for the reason in himself, assume that he is not experienced and diligent enough. The young man will look for a way out of this situation with the help of new caresses, interesting poses, new sex toys and much more. If he fails to awaken sensuality and evoke response emotions from his partner, most likely he will grow cold towards her. This will not happen right away, of course, so any girl who practices a passive model of behavior has time to correct it.

By the way, one of the options for what is happening may be a version of laziness: your partner is so inactive that even in the arms of a partner she prefers to rest, wishing to be satisfied. As a rule, such a version disappears by itself, since in everyday life partners who have a passive model of behavior are most often active and hardworking.

In order not to scare off your partner with your own coldness, you need to come up with an image for your inherent passivity. The fact is that most men prefer pliable and submissive partners, but at the same time they should be sensual, and not indifferent to what is happening in bed. If a woman is embarrassed to show her excitement, is inexperienced and is afraid that her partner will guess about it, in no case should you pretend to be a "log" - this will only aggravate the situation. Play a little with the man, then portray hard-to-reach and show your own shyness. All this, on the contrary, will attract a partner who will be kindled with the desire to "warm up" you. In this game, the main thing is to change tactics in time, because no matter how patient your gentleman is, he will not last long on naked enthusiasm. Show him your interest in what is happening, just do everything without fanaticism; if suddenly from a "victim" you turn into an "invader", then the plot of the game will be grossly violated. Personally, I am convinced, based on experience, that such a scenario of sexual role-playing games can quickly fix any situation.

Another winning combination is a female girl who is inexperienced but willing to learn whatever her partner shows her. This development of intimate relationships is also very popular with men. Imagining themselves as good or evil teachers, they diligently please their partner, wanting to transfer all their knowledge to her. This process can continue for quite a long time if the girl keeps the image. Sooner or later, the time will come for exams, but at them you can show yourself as a "poor student", and learning will begin in a new way, but without the same enthusiasm. In this situation, you need to be cunning: just show interest in what is happening and carefully repeat what the "teacher" recommends."

According to Mikhail DVORKIN, any model of intimate female behavior can lead to positive dynamics of relations only on one condition: the partner must monitor the reaction of her boyfriend and at certain moments do what he expects of her. This will not lead to the need to completely change the model of behavior, but it will save you from a quick cooling down to the end of the relationship.

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