9 Hard Sex Problems

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9 Hard Sex Problems
9 Hard Sex Problems

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Before you start reading (and embodying), make sure you both agree and are ready for some hardcore sex play. It is important.


1. Both of you are always bruised

Mostly because of sex on a hard carpet or in the wrong place. So you have to not show yourself to anyone in your naked form, so that your partner is not accused of violence.

2. You have to wash your sheets immediately after sex

In the process, seven sweats come off each, not counting other liquids. Sometimes you think it's worth moving the washing machine to the bedroom.

3. Flip flops are good if you don't have to sit on an office chair all day

What turns you on so well in the process doesn't always stay so great after sex.

4. I had to buy a bed with a soft headboard

It seems so unnecessary, but after hard sex you realize that it is vital for you.

5. During sex, you accidentally beat your foreheads

Or one flies his forehead in the nose when you are noisily sinking onto the bed. After apologizing, you quickly reach orgasm. So that's great.

6. You have to wait for the neighbors to leave

And then you can turn around in full force! Otherwise, noise complaints will appear again.

7. You can pull a muscle or feel pain from a strong slap

The advantage - then you can count on a massage.

8. Handcuffs break in the middle of sex

Why are they made so fragile? Probably because in real ones it hurts a lot. But still!

9. After sex, you see mascara flowing in the mirror

Yes, it's a small price to pay for a good time, but it could stay put!

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