Six Of The Wildest Female Fantasies In Bed

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Six Of The Wildest Female Fantasies In Bed
Six Of The Wildest Female Fantasies In Bed

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What does a woman want? It will forever remain a mystery even for the fair sex themselves. But you can talk about it endlessly.

The difference between women's and men's fantasies

Women's and men's fantasies in bed are very similar, but there is only a small fraction of the difference. Men focus on feminine features and forms, while women pay all their attention to smaller details: sounds and movements. In simple terms, women's fantasies are aimed at the emotional component, and men's - at the physical.

In men's fantasies, there is usually no romance, they do not approach this process from a creative side. When women, on the contrary, pay attention to the atmosphere and many little things around.

It is worth noting that there are very few fetishes in women's fantasies, but in men's fantasies there are more than enough. It is worth analyzing the most common female sexual fantasies, because it is from them that you can find out what the ladies are so lacking.

The wildest female sex fantasies

It is quite clear that ideas about sex and sexual fantasies are individual. Nevertheless, there are lists formed by sexologists from which the most daring female sexual desires are taken.


The most popular female sexual fantasy, where both a man and a woman can act as a third person. Some believe that such a fantasy speaks of vulgarity on the part of a woman, but this is not so. With this fantasy, she just wants to emphasize the fact that she is desired by many. It brings excitement and a pleasant feeling. How can such a fantasy be realized? If your partner is jealous and quick-tempered, then no way. But if there is a chance for understanding and support, then you should carefully hint your man about such a "zest" in a relationship.

Sex outside the home

It's not uncommon to have sex in a store's fitting rooms or in the middle of a city forest park. The desire or opportunity to be caught in an obscene deed excites and excites the gut. If you have such a desire, while walking through the store, whisper in your partner's ear about your desire, and if your partner is not a schoolboy, then you will definitely succeed.


For many, these four letters mean nothing, but many women start to spin nervously in their chairs when it comes to this topic. Hard sex is one of the most popular sexual fantasies among women. Such fantasies are characteristic of women who are sexually enslaved. They can only liberate themselves with the help of the aggressive influence of a partner. If such fantasies really exist, then just ask your partner to be more rude. Maybe he'll like it too.

Sex with a stranger

Such a fantasy does not mean that a woman dreams of treason. Not. It's just that sex with strangers has a lack of commitment and a new feeling. What if there is such a fantasy and does not let go? Everything is very simple! Ask your partner to play with you, let them write to you on a social network, get acquainted and invite you on a date. And you should also get used to the role and be imbued with the first meeting. Flirting and coquetry - will give a complete picture of what is happening. Then you can rent a hotel room and do everything that you have dreamed of for so long.

Filming sex with a man on camera

Such a fantasy is typical for women who are not confident in their sexuality, but really sexy. If such a desire cannot get along in you, then do it, but from a slightly different angle. Arrange a striptease for your partner, having thought in advance what and how you will do. And it is better to do it against the background of a mirror so that your partner can see all the juicy details of your body.

Watching your partner masturbate

Fantasies of this kind are characteristic of women who are curious about all the processes of the male body.Masturbation in front of a woman means complete trust and frankness. How to achieve this goal? Ask your partner to fantasize about ideal sex, and then ask them to please themselves on their own. If there is shyness, then you can do it yourself and see with your own eyes what the peak of male pleasure is.

Any female sexual fantasies are a reflection of the desires and needs of a woman. In no case should you hinder or drown them, because sooner or later they will still have to be translated into reality.

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