Strangled, Raped, Cut: Her Ex-boyfriend Was Convicted Of Torturing A Schoolgirl

Strangled, Raped, Cut: Her Ex-boyfriend Was Convicted Of Torturing A Schoolgirl
Strangled, Raped, Cut: Her Ex-boyfriend Was Convicted Of Torturing A Schoolgirl

Video: Strangled, Raped, Cut: Her Ex-boyfriend Was Convicted Of Torturing A Schoolgirl

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Strangled, raped, cut: her ex-boyfriend was convicted of torturing a schoolgirl

The court sentenced a young master-finisher to 18 years in a strict regime colony, who tortured a high school student who had abandoned him to death in New Moscow. The guy lured the victim into the forest, disfigured her, abused her and tried to kill her.

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

As MK already wrote, 19-year-old Roman Antipov arrived in the capital from Saransk with his father. After studying to be a lawyer at a Moscow college for one year, he dropped out and began to help his father in his craft - decorating apartments. The men sent part of the money home, where Roman's pregnant mother remained.

With 17-year-old graduate and editor of the school newspaper Dina (name has been changed) Roman met in the park. The guys met for almost a year and a half. The girl's mother and grandmother treated him well, the gentleman even stayed with them overnight.

In August last year, Dina told the young man that she no longer wanted to meet with him. The novel took the "resignation" painfully and even threw a scandal at his beloved's dacha. Later, he had a cruel plan. Roman summoned Dina to a meeting in New Moscow - supposedly for a final conversation. The couple walked in the forest, and Roman began to persuade the former to have sex and threatened that if she refused, he would kill her relatives and beloved pets - two spitz and one mongrel. Having received a refusal, the aggressor raped his victim, and then began to torture Dina. First, he strangled the girl with a belt, periodically loosening the loop, and saying that Dina was about to die. Having played enough, the sadist took out a blade from his backpack (he was engaged in woodcarving and always carried a sharp instrument with him) and cut the veins on the victim's hands. For a while, Roman just sat and watched his recent passion bleed out. After that, he told Dina that he would kill her so that no one would know about their meeting and stabbed her 30 times in the chest, back, neck and head. The girl was rescued by the staff of the teaching staff, who, together with her relatives, were looking for her, shouting her name. Hearing extraneous voices, Roman inflicted several "control" blows to the unfortunate woman in the neck and back of the head and fled into the forest. There, the rapist tried to commit suicide and betrayed himself in the most unexpected way - he had an involuntary bowel movement from pain and he screamed. The police immediately rushed to the sound. The offender was detained, and Dina was taken to the hospital by helicopter.

During the investigation, Roman first stated that he did not remember anything, insisted that sexual intercourse with the girl was by mutual consent. However, closer to the court, the accused completely retracted his testimony and declared his innocence. He even tried to "mow" like a psycho, but experts recognized him as capable. At meetings, he behaved defiantly, shouted and knocked on the bars, did not respond to comments and answered questions not to the point, delving into stories about his life. His relatives participated in the proceedings only by video link when they were interrogated.

As the senior assistant to the head of the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee in Moscow, Yulia Ivanova, told MK, Antipov was sentenced to 18 years of imprisonment in a strict regime colony for “Rape”, “Threat of Murder” and “Attempted Murder” by the Troitsky District Court of Moscow, with restraint of liberty for a period of 2 years, and also partially satisfied the civil claim of the victim in the amount of 3 million rubles.

As for the injured girl, she miraculously survived. Her plans to go to study as a journalist have not yet come true - Dina will have a long rehabilitation.Due to the fact that one of the blows hit the spine, there is a risk that one side of the unfortunate body may remain paralyzed.

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