In The UK, "civil Relations" Can Be Equated With Marriage

In The UK, "civil Relations" Can Be Equated With Marriage
In The UK, "civil Relations" Can Be Equated With Marriage

Video: In The UK, "civil Relations" Can Be Equated With Marriage

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LONDON, May 14 - RIA Novosti, Denis Voroshilov. Hearings on the case of the British couple, who insist on the official recognition of "civil relations" tantamount to marriage, which was previously done for homosexual couples, began in the UK Supreme Court on Monday.

Londoners Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keydan for several years challenged in the courts the actions of the authorities, who refused to officially register their seven-year relationship. At the same time, the couple refuses to enter into a traditional marriage, saying that this form does not suit them. The first time they applied to register a "civil partnership" was in 2014. Then Steinfeld and Keidan went to court, demanding to register their civil marriage on the grounds that same-sex couples have the opportunity to legalize their relationship in this status. In February 2017, an appellate court ruled to refuse the couple on the grounds that they did not meet the "homosexual criteria." The case agreed to be considered by the Supreme Court. He is expected to make a decision on Tuesday.

“During our campaign, we have met hundreds of couples like us, people who love each other and want to formalize civil relations to emphasize their obligations and ensure family unity. The reasons for not entering into a regular marriage are different. They all want to have the choice is marriage or civil relations, the registration of which is available for same-sex couples. It is time for the government to stop playing with people's lives and give them the right to choose, "Steinfeld and Keidan said on Monday, speaking outside the courthouse ahead of the hearing.

At the same time, earlier the judges of the Court of Appeal admitted in the verdict that at present there are indeed gaps in the legislation that may affect human rights. The court also stated that the government has full powers to solve the problem.

Same-sex couples were given the opportunity to register marriages and "civil relations" in 2014. Steinfeld and Keidan seek the same rights for opposite-sex couples.

Under British law, this status is an "officially recognized union" of same-sex couples. It is identical to the status of marriage when considering a number of administrative and financial issues, in particular those related to inheritance and taxation, and also gives the right to visit a partner in the hospital in situations where only the next of kin are allowed to the patient. This status requires a ceremony of his state registration, if necessary - an official divorce.

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