Slavyan And Rodnulka. How Not To Call Your Loved Ones

Slavyan And Rodnulka. How Not To Call Your Loved Ones
Slavyan And Rodnulka. How Not To Call Your Loved Ones

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Scientists have proven that affectionate nicknames only strengthen relationships. And many lovers come up with them. For those who cannot do it themselves, there are detailed instructions with examples. Since there is an instruction on how it should be, then we will give some advice on how not to.


1. At the very beginning of a relationship, even the cutest nickname will sound ridiculous.

Not everyone will like it if they call him "Rodnulka" or "Kroshulya" on the third date. And it will sound just unnatural: the emotional connection at the very beginning of the relationship is not as strong as the affectionate name expresses. A simple appeal by name is already pleasing to the human ear.

2. Calling your beloved what he doesn't like

Although you came up with the nickname, your partner must like it. He should associate him with himself just like his own name. Also, your lover may not like affectionate names at all. Then humble yourself and call him by name.

3. Invest in an affectionate nickname an insult

Perhaps this is some kind of psychological violence. And if you do not want to offend your partner, think carefully: is the nickname you invented considered an offensive word in general? Your good intentions to reach out to someone affectionately just won't go well.

4. Use a nickname that friends call him / her

Usually, these are friendly, rude or funny nicknames from childhood. And if next to friends a person is ready to fool around and laugh, then next to his beloved - not always. For example, the following nicknames on behalf of the name do not look like affectionate and are more suitable for friends.

Anton - Toha;

Artyom - Tyomich;

Vladislav - Slavyan;

Ivan - Vanes;

Yuri - Yurets.

5. Calling your partner an affectionate name is public

No matter how overwhelmed you are, the appeal "Baby" will sound ridiculous in the company of your parents or at an official evening, for example. And if this is an intimate or very inventive nickname, then even more so. People around you are also rarely interested in your personal life.

Bonus. Original nicknames strengthen relationships

A sweet address that hides a whole story will be a reminder of incredible closeness. And only then will this nickname really have a meaning, it has been proven by scientists. And articles that decipher typical nicknames in romantic relationships have little to do with the harsh reality.

Your partner may not like nicknames at all. Learn how to show love in the article "5 Love Languages ​​That Will Strengthen Your Relationship."

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