Olga Rapunzel Spoke About Envy From Cherno

Olga Rapunzel Spoke About Envy From Cherno
Olga Rapunzel Spoke About Envy From Cherno

Video: Olga Rapunzel Spoke About Envy From Cherno

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The relationship between Olga Rapunzel and Alexandra Cherno has always been difficult. But recently, the conflict has escalated. And this despite the fact that the latter has already left the television project.

In the Instagram account of the magazine "Doma-2" there was a fresh comment by Cherno regarding Rapunzel.

“Do not judge the lady by herself, when a child yells like a fool you are yelling at the camera not to shoot, you have different conditions,” said Alexandra.

Dmitry Dmitrenko's wife could not remain silent and gave her answer. In it, she spoke of envy on the part of Cherno. The girl believes that the former participant in the television project was not indifferent to her, as she was irritated by the success of the Rapunzel family.

“What other conditions? Well, yes, we have 2 rooms, but what is enviable or something, I do not understand. And what's the big deal if even my children can be capricious, cry, "Olga wrote.

At the end of her tirade, the girl got so angry that she asked everyone to get behind her and her family.

Photo: olyarapunzel, dom2magazine / instagram

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