They Were Not Even Allowed To Take Photographs: Relatives Of Dedyushko's Second Wife Left The Actor's Daughter Without Inheritance

They Were Not Even Allowed To Take Photographs: Relatives Of Dedyushko's Second Wife Left The Actor's Daughter Without Inheritance
They Were Not Even Allowed To Take Photographs: Relatives Of Dedyushko's Second Wife Left The Actor's Daughter Without Inheritance

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Alexander Dedyushko met his first wife when they were both students at the Gorky Theater School. They got married in 1986. However, the newlyweds had to live in two cities: after receiving a diploma, Lyudmila Tomilina entered the troupe of the Yaroslavl Drama Theater, and Dedyushko was sent to Vladimir.


Once Alexander came to his wife and repented of treason. But she could not forgive.

“Go away,” I replied, and my heart sank. Our daughter Ksyusha was not even two years old at that time. He slammed the door, and I, sobbing, slid down the jamb, - Lyudmila Tomilina told Express newspaper. “I remember staring at the wall clock. I just couldn't take my eyes off the dial. The clock was 10:15 PM, the calendar was November 3. Exactly 15 years later, on November 3 at 22:15, I received a message about Sasha's death. The same dial and calendar sheet instantly surfaced in front of me. I don't know if this is mysticism or not, but fate wanted him to leave me for the second time on that very day. Now forever …

Several years after the divorce, Dedyushko tried to return to the family. Despite the fact that Lyudmila remarried. And only when the ex-wife gave birth to the son of Arseny from the new husband, he reconciled.

“Now I see that everything is serious with you, perhaps I’ll leave,” he said and went to Vladimir to meet his future second wife Svetlana on the same day at his friends' house.

By a terrible, mystical coincidence from these same friends, they were driving on that fateful day when the whole family broke up: 45-year-old Alexander, 31-year-old Svetlana and their eight-year-old son Dima.

By the way, the relationship in the second family of Dedyushko was not ideal. Firstly, the parents of Svetlana Chernyshkova at first sight disliked their son-in-law: they did not like that he was much older, that he did not earn too much. Secondly, Alexander was constantly reproached by his wife: she fancied the betrayal of the faithful. The three of them huddled in a 15-meter room in a Moscow communal apartment, in which he later bought a second room. And Dedyushko was able to buy a dacha only near Lipetsk, and not in a prestigious area of ​​the Moscow region.

- Luda, I love Sveta, but I can't constantly sort things out. I want to come home and sleep peacefully for at least a few hours. Because tomorrow is shooting again! - Alexander shared with his first wife.

They maintained an excellent relationship, and daughter Ksyusha regularly communicated with her father and half-brother Dima. Lyudmila Tomilina was even able to make friends with Sveta and reassured her: if the betrayal happened, then Alexander himself confesses to her, so honest.

When Svetlana's younger sister Anya arrived in Moscow, who demanded that her son-in-law arrange her acting career and even occasionally drank (and Dedyushko hated drunk women), this was the last straw, and he thought about leaving the family. As reported to the first wife and daughter. They began to dissuade him. Ksenia even wanted to come on the autumn holidays and go with her father to Svetlana with a bouquet of flowers. But she fell ill and stayed in Yaroslavl. But Alexander went to his wife. And when he found out that she was going to visit those very friends in Vladimir, he offered to go together by car

Whether they made up then or not, we will never know. But Xenia was saved by illness, otherwise she would also be in that car.

After Alexander's death, his wife's sister remained to live in a communal apartment, and her parents moved into the Lipetsk house. 12 times the courts have confirmed the right of the minor Ksenia to a share of the inheritance.However, relatives from Svetlana's side, blaming Alexander for the death of her daughter and grandson and calling him a murderer, were sure that everything should go to them only.

At some point, the Tomilins were tired of proving their case and simply refused their share. Ksenia asked only to give the award to Alexander Dedyushko for the best actor in the series "Operational pseudonym", several photographs and a toy of little Dima. Svetlana's parents asked for 200 thousand rubles, but, having received the money, they said, they say, the award was lost somewhere. Later it turned out that she was lying quietly in the actor's house. But neither her nor the money was returned to the Tomilins.

Daughter of Alexander Dedyushko Ksenia Tomilina is now 29 years old. She studied at the Yaroslavl State Theater Institute for several years, but without graduating from it, she went to the Yaroslavl State University at the Faculty of History. Lives in Moscow, works in a field that has nothing to do with cinema or theater. I traveled a lot before the border closure. He regularly travels to Yaroslavl to visit his family. She does not give an interview about her father and generally tries not to mention the relationship. However, it is she who looks after the grave at the Troekurovsky cemetery, and not Svetlana's relatives.

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